The 5th Recruitment of Point System in the Philippines – Test on Proficiency in Korean (EPS-TOPIK)

Announcement on Implementation of 5th Point System for Recruitment of Foreign Workers

Ministry of Employment and Labor in Korea (MOEL) and the Ministry of Overseas Philippine And Human Resource Development announce implementation of point system for recruitment of foreign workers, scheduled to launch this year

Point system takes different road with EPS-TOPIK based recruiting to comprehensively examine a person with their skills, physical condition, experiences including but not limited to their ability for Korean. Specifically, on the physical conditions, Applicants with color blindness, color weakness are not permitted to pass the point system based test. Also, applicants with any physical handicaps such as the slipped disc, finger amputation cannot pass the point system.

The 5th of the Point System for Recruitment is intended to minimize the procedure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. After the EPS-TOPIK(1st round)is conducted, we will conduct a simplified Skills test(2nd round) for those who have scored the lowest passable score or higher by industry. Candidates must check their physical states in terms of the color weakness and the color blindness to apply the first round of the test, EPSTOPIK.

Furthermore, the candidates found to have color blindness or color weakness in Skills test, will not pass the point system. If a candidate is judged to be unable to work in the applied industry, the candidate also could be excluded.

HRD Korea will make it easier for workers to be recruited in Korean companies by advertising its Point system to Korean employers. In the meantime, we will anticipate your active cooperation on implementing the point system.

ONLINE REGISTRATION for the 5th Point System of the Employment Permit System – Test on Proficiency in Korean (EPS-TOPIK)

For those interested to apply, please register thru and upon instruction of the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD-Korea) considering the job-seeker’s quota for CY 2022, please be guided as follows:

  • Online registration shall be open to all interested applicants nationwide from June 8 —10, 2022 from 8:00am to 5:00pm for the first 10,000 applicants.
  • EPS-TOPIK will be thru Computer-based Test (CBT) and to be held ONLY at BFO Building, Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City
  • Registration system shall be closed upon reaching a maximum of 10,000 applications regardless of the registration period stated above and shall be registered on a FIRST COME- FIRST SERVED basis.

Qualifications requirements:

  1. Between 18 to 38 years old (not exceeding 38 years old on the test date)
  2. Have not stayed in the Republic of Korea for five (5) years or more
  3. Have not stayed in Korea under E-9 and E-10 Visa for five (5) years
  4. No derogatory record (not convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment or a more severe punishment)
  5. No record of deportation or departure orders from the Republic of Korea
  6. Not restricted to depart from the Philippines
  7. No physical and medical handicaps that will hamper work efficiency, e.g., Ishihara deficient (color blindness/weakness), slip disc, finger amputation, etc.
  8. No Tuberculosis (TB) History
  9. Not color-blind or with color weakness

Applicants should fill-up all relevant data fields requested by the system and must attached the following:

  1. Scanned copy the first page of the passport (data page only)
    • JPG Format a
    • Size: 1MB
      Note: Pictures taken through cameras or smartphone will be rejected
  2. ID picture in accordance with the Detail Picture Regulation of Korea:
    • Only white background (colored background is not acceptable)
    • Size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm: 100 up to 300 pixel and maximum of 15kb
    • JPG Format

Ground for Disqualification in the Registration

  1. Submission of false information and fake documents
  2. Double registration using different credentials
  3. Incorrect/Wrong encoding of information/data
  4. With rejected picture type as follows:
    • With name/name plate
    • With border line
    • In colored background
    • With head dress
    • Head not completely shown
    • With stain (usually of stamp) or dirty copy
    • Wearing plain white clothes
    • Wearing eyeglasses
    • Picture shot in sideview
    • Picture captured or edited from passport

Important Reminder:

  • Editing of submitted data will NOT be entertained after submission
  • Payment of test fee shall only be made upon receipt of online notification that your application is approved
  • Registration In this EPS-TOPIK, will be considered as your consent in sharing your data with DMW/HRD-Korea/Landbank offices, for the purpose of applying for a job opening for Korea.

Manpower Registry Division
Employment Branch
Welfare and Employment
Office Department of Migrant Workers

Guide for the Point System for Recruitment

The Schedule of the Point System for Recruitment

  • The notification on the test : May. 25, 2022
  • Application period for test: Jun. 8 ~ Jun. 10, 2022
  • Announcement on test venue and the date :
    – Manufacturing : Jul. 8, 2022
  • Implementation of the test:
    – Manufacturing :Jul. 26, ~ Sept. 27, 2022
  • Announcement on the test result
    – Manufacturing : Oct. 7, 2022

* The Test schedule can be varied depending on local situation.


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