POEA warns OFWs on fake documents

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration warns balik-manggagawa or Filipino workers returning to their job site on the use of forged documents when applying for exit clearance or overseas employment certificate (OEC).

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Kuala Lumpur has reported that a certain Gina Leyson Erana has been supplying fake employment contract, passport, visa, and other related documents to Filipinos working illegally in Malaysia who want to secure an OEC in the Philippines.

POLO Malaysia has recorded a case of an undocumented worker who left the Philippines for Malaysia using forged documents provided by Erana.

Erana used to have a Facebook account in the name of “Juvica A. Pudun” where she advertised supposed job vacancies and offered “documentation services” to Filipinos, especially household service workers working illegally in Malaysia.

She was arrested by Malaysian authorities for being an illegal immigrant and was deported to the Philippines. However, Erana is suspected to have returned to Malaysia and is still conducting her illegal activities through another Facebook account.

The POEA discourages returning Filipino workers from engaging the services of persons manufacturing fake documents. OFWs who would submit false information or documents would face the penalty of suspension or permanent disqualification from participation in the overseas employment program.

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