How To Spot A Legit Job Opportunity Abroad

With job search moving more online, it is hard to spot whether a job opportunity or recruiter is in fact genuine. The bad news? Job scammers are out there. The good news? You can recognize them before they get you if you understand what to look for.

To make sure you don’t become a victim of identity theft, follow these tips to ensure that your exciting new job offer is legitimate.

Too good to be true

If you are hunting for a job, you probably have a good idea of what the average salary is for your job and experience level. If you find a job posting that lists the position for two or three times the typical salary, be wary and check.

You did not apply

If the employer or recruiter calls you saying they found your resume online even if you didn’t apply to any, don’t be fooled. In these cases, it is better to conduct a background check on the firm to see if it actually exists.

Confidential information

Job sites don’t usually ask for your social security number, bank account details, and credit card information. Never give out such information and ensure you leave the site as well.

Emails full of errors

If you receive a job offer letter with capitalization problems, missing commas (or too many), and generally bad English it can indicate that the offer isn’t real.

Vague job description

If you stumble upon a job advertisement with vague job descriptions, you can contact the company and ask for further details. A real organization will provide you with more information about what the role entails.

For overseas job seekers, the best way to check if the offer is genuine is to visit the Department of Migrant worker’s website You can also find the list of accredited overseas workforce agency on the said website.


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