Why Filipinos Are The Best Skilled Workers To Hire Abroad

Getting the right fit of people for a job could be a challenge especially if you are an employer who’s looking for best talents and skilled workers in other countries.

Filipinos are proven to be highly competent employees especially those who are working abroad. They are currently one of the top preferred workers around the globe from different fields like nursing, construction and even household work.

Just recently, the demand for Filipino workers has picked up especially in US, UK and Middle East. These countries have been looking for best human resources agencies to source out for these best people tow work with.

If you need a little more convincing, here are the few reasons why Filipino are the best skilled workers to hire abroad. 

  1. Filipinos are proficient in English 

In 2019, data shows that 70% of our total population are proficient in English. Year 2020, Philippines is number 2 among all Asian countries who can speak fluent English while the country ranks 27th spot all over the world.

  1. Filipinos are happy people to work with 

Philippines ranks 61st happiest country among 149 countries based on an annual survey that measures the level of happiness of people around the world.

Given this fact, Filipinos are known to be determined in any kind of challenging situation. They have a very positive mindset which help them gain a resilient attitude towards work.

  1. Filipinos are highly skilled and trainable 

Since life here in the country is not that easy like our neighbor countries, Filipinos are people who can learn quickly on their own feet and adapt in any working environment. They have rich experiences that help them hone their skills in different fields. They are highly trainable and can do any given task even in a little amount of time.

  1. Filipinos are hardworking individuals 

Filipinos are mostly working to provide for their families. This is one of the reasons why Filipinos are willing to work even on extended hours and do tasks beyond what’s expected from them.

Earning for their loved one is their main motivation to be the best on any given job.

With these reasons, no doubt that Filipinos can exceed expectations of employers abroad who are looking for best skilled workers.

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