Over 1K job vacancies available for OFWs in Brunei

Job opportunities await qualified overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Brunei

Labor Attaché Melissa Mendizabal, in a virtual forum, said skilled and non-skilled Filipino workers are very welcome to work in the host country, as there are over 1,000 employment opportunities which include household service workers (HSWs) and health care workers (HCWs), among others.

“Prior to our current situation, the first job they opened is for domestic workers. So there are many employers who can afford to hire domestic workers because it was quite costly. We processed quite a number and then on top of that they also need nurses, we also received requests for nurses for one job order and also for the oil and gas industry. So far we’ve signed job orders from these sectors, HSWs, nurses 200 plus, doctors around 30, and at least less than 1,000 for oil and gas sector,” she added.

She, however, reported that Brunei is on a “semi-lockdown” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mendizabal said Filipino workers are the most preferred workers by many employers there.

“Our kababayans will always be the first choice among migrant workers to work here, they really prefer Filipino workers. Some employers are even proud in saying and in telling our ambassador that you know they are very proud. Because they say Filipinos are hardworking, and caring, all praises for our workers,” she added.

The POLO said there are some 20,000 OFWs in Brunei.

Aside from professionals in the medical sector, some Filipinos in the Southeast Asian nation are employed in white-collar jobs such as engineers and architects while others are car technicians and managers, among others.

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