Guam in need of more Pinoy construction workers

Filipino workers particularly in the construction sector are in demand in Guam, an island territory of the United States of America (USA), the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Los Angeles (LA), California said on Friday.

Labor Attaché Armi Evangel Peña said job opportunities are also available in LA for professionals including nurses.

“Our office has verified some 3,000 job orders since last year and 2,000 employment contracts have been approved and verified. At the peak of the year 2023, some 6,500 workers are needed in Guam,” she said in a virtual forum.

These workers are covered by H1V and H2V visas. Under H1V are professionals such as engineers, among others, while H2V are workers in the construction sector.

“Other jobs are also available but the majority are for construction workers, mason, carpenters, all other jobs related to the construction sector,” the POLO-LA added.

Peña added that in the next 10 years, employment opportunities will be bright as Guam will be needing more than 11,000 workers.

“In the next 10 years, they will be needing around 11,500 workers or more and we have only verified 2,000 to 3,000 job orders. The deployment will depend on the local recruitment agencies and approval of visas by the US embassy,” Peña added.

She said that most employers preferred Filipinos for being skilled, hardworking, and methodical. (PNA)


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