How to Successfully Submit a Resume or CV

Almost every company has a “job board” and is called a “careers page” but how can you ensure the successful submission of your resume?

Here are some tips to make sure your profile record is submitted and complete:

How to Successfully Submit a Resume or CV

How often should your profile be updated?

  • Missing a profile update after being posted or posted on the job board is often a mistake by applicants that can affect how the recruiter communicates.
  • Be sure to keep contact details and work experiences updated whenever there is a change.
  • It’s a good idea to update the profile every three or six months.
  • The date of the last profile update will appear in the database.

If it is found that your profile was last changed in the past two years, the application will be dismissed in the mind of the recruiter who may have changed your contact information or perhaps you are no longer currently looking for work. This is especially true when finding a recruiter is urgent.

How many job boards should be used?

You can sign up on any job boards if desired because it will increase online exposure to the job opportunity. Popular job boards such as,,,, and However, we recommend limiting yourself to two or three accounts if you do not update frequently for three to six months.

Will I submit it in MSWord or PDF format?

Most databases use “keyword search features” to give recruiters easy time reviewing thousands of resumes. Completing or filling out an electronic application form and submitting a resume in Word format is highly recommended to expedite and facilitate the search for “skill matches.” In addition to the resume, the submission of a cover letter is also recommended.

Use a separate personal email address.

When submitting a resume online, make sure that personal email is used to receive notifications and invitations from employers. Do not use email at work or office. It is recommended to create a separate and personal account that will only be used in online job applications (for example or This helps in easily monitoring job application updates and isolates regular personal emails that may be flooded connected to other online accounts. It will also help to quickly respond to the message with a business-like address.

Don’t forget the username and password.

Although job boards allow for a new password in case you forget the original password, it is recommended that user credentials be preserved so that the profile can be easily updated as needed.

Do not forward password-protected documents.

The purpose of submitting an application online is to make it easy for the recruiter to find you.

Passing a password-protected document is not encouraged because:
This will result in the recruiter skipping or not paying attention to the application especially if there are more than one hundred resumes that need to be reviewed, missing the opportunity to see your application by recruiters.

Job boards are public databases where a record of the jobs of member companies is released at any time visible to applicants.

The employer receives applications online throughout the time the job is scheduled to be open. Millions of applications are submitted every day using job boards. These are usually free to use and provide a way to submit a resume. Follow the steps so that your well -done resume and cover letter will take you to the new job!

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