Hotel Worker / Housekeeper Job Hiring in Israel – Government to Government Hiring Program

Israel is in urgent need of qualified applicants for the position/s:

500 Hotelworker / Housekeeper

*Hotelworker applicants who successfully registered their applications last March 11-16 need not reapply provided that they still possess the pre-condition/requirements and none of the disqualifications.

General job description, general working and living condition

Hotel housekeeper candidates should carry out efficient, high quality hotel housekeeping services in accordance with Employer’s instructions and occupational safety and health standards.

  1. Clean and prepare rooms and surrounding areas within the hotel
  2. Laundry (linens, towels and guest clothes)
  3. Observe workplace hygiene procedures
  4. Conform to workplace safety practices
  5. Provide effective customer service
  6. Receive and respond to workplace
  7. Work with others in a team environment (A team player)
  8. Demonstrate positive work values
  9. Observe prescribed housekeeping procedures
  10. Deal with reasonable complaints and requests of guests with professionalism and

General working and living conditions:

Place of Worker: The work will be carried out in a Hotel or Hostel in Israel.

Working conditions – will be set out in Standard Employment Contract (SEC) (attached) Following is a summary of some of the Working Conditions:

Accommodations: Employer is obligated to provide the worker with living accommodations (up to four persons in a room) , and a portion of the cost of such accommodations may be deducted from the worker’s salary monthly to cover the cost of accommodations and expenses related to the accommodations (utilities and property tax).

Working Hours

The Worker is considered a Junior Worker for the first 24 months of employment by the Employer.

  1. The regular working day for a junior worker will be as follows:
    a. The regular working hours of the Worker will be 8.5 hours per day (not including breaks as set hereunder) for a 5-day work week and no more than 42 hours per week or 182 hours per month.
  2. The weekly working schedule of the Worker will be set by the Employer as is customary in the work place. The Worker will be notified about the weekly work schedule. The Worker will not have a vested right to a specific day off, except his regular weekly rest day.


If the Worker is required by the Employer to work overtime, due to Employer’s needs, the Worker is entitled to overtime payment as set out in the Israeli Work and Rest Hours Law, 1951, and as set out hereinafter:

Junior workers will be entitled to overtime payments after 8.5 working hours peday as follows: for the first two (2) overtime hours, a payment of 125% of his regular hourly salary rate, for each additional working hour, a payment of 150% of the regular hourly salary rate.

a. A Worker working on his day off will be paid a compensation of overtime hours, e.g. 125% for the first 2 hours and 150% from the third hour thereafter.

b. Overtime work on the Worker’s day off will count only if the Worker worked full time in said month.

Estimated minimum salary

Gross Minimum Wage for a full-time position of 182 hours per month, before legal deductions and before payment for overtime work hours – 5300 NIS (approximately 1500 USD exchange rate of 3.52 NIS to 1 USD). From this sum the employer will deduct sums as follows (approximately): 10% income tax, worker’s contribution to private medical insurance – MAX 125.09 NIS workers contribution for housing provided by employer – up to MAX 568 NIS. The worker will also be responsible for his own expenses for food, clothing, cable tv, telephone, travel, etc.


  1. The Worker’s monthly gross salary shall not be less than 5300 NIS per month which is the current monthly Minimum Wage in Israel for full time employment. In the case of a change in the relevant minimum wage in the State of Israel, the above gross salary shall be revised and shall not be less than the Minimum wage in force.
  2. The worker will register his attendance to Employer’s instructions, at the beginning and at the end of each working day. The Employer will confirm the work hours on the attendance record.
  3. The salary shall be paid by the end of the month for which it is paid and no later than the 9th day of the following month.
  4. The employer shall provide the Worker with a printed pay slip detailing the wage components as set out in the Wage Protection Law, 1958.
  5. For purpose of wage calculations and without prejudice to the Employer’s obligations to employ the Worker in a full-time position:
    a. The daily wage will be the monthly salary divided by 22;
    b. The hourly wage for a junior worker will be the monthly salary divided by 182. The hourly wage for a senior worker will be the monthly salary divided by 176.
  6.  Additional payments without prejudice to contract duration as set out in Section 5: b. In addition to the monthly salary, the Employer will pay the worker a cost of living allowance, under the conditions set out in the Collective Agreement.

Other benefits

Weekly Rest Day, Holidays and Vacation

  1. The Worker shall be entitled to a weekly day of rest of at least 36 consecutive hours. The Worker will declare whether his rest day will be on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  2. The rest day will start at 5:00 PM on Friday evening or on the evening prior to the weekly rest day, based on the worker’s declaration as set out in (a) above, and continue until Sunday at 5:00 AM, or until 5:00 AM on the day following the worker’s above declared rest day. The Employer is entitled to change the rest day starting hour, providing that the weekly rest day will be of at least 36 hours.
  3. Employment on the Worker’s rest day is prohibited except in cases in which general or specific permits for such work have been issued according to the Hours of Work and Rest Law, 1951. If the Worker works on his rest day, the Worker shall be entitled to receive a wage at a rate of 150% of his regular hourly rate for the regular work hours, at a rate of 175% for his first two overtime hours, and at a rate of 200% for any additional overtime hours. In addition, the Worker shall receive from the Employer an alternate rest day as set out in the law.
  4. After 3 months of employment under this SEC, the Worker will be entitled to 9 days off with pay for Philippine Religious/National Holidays or for Israeli religious/National Holidays, as declared by the Worker, when those holidays do not fall on the weekly rest day of the worker
  5. The Worker will be entitled to yearly paid vacation, after coordinating the dates of such with the Employer at 14 days in advance. The number of vacation days for which the Worker is eligible in the first five years under this SEC will be 16 days (12 working days not including the weekly rest days) as set out in the Yearly Vacation Law, 1951.

Medical Insurance and Sick Pay

  1. The Employer will provide the Worker with private Medical Insurance which includes all the services set out in the Foreign Worker Ordinance (Basket of Health Services for the Employee) 2001. This medical insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions of the worker. In addition, if a medical opinion states that the the worker will be unable to carry out his work due to a medical condition or accident, even after 90 days of medical treatment, the insurance will only provide transportation for the worker back to his country after medical treatment has stabilized his condition, and any additional medical treatment needed will be
    provided at the worker’s expense in the worker’s country. The Worker agrees to truthfully complete and sign any medical declaration or other forms necessary for the entry into effect or for extending the validity of the medical insurance policy.
  2. A copy of the medical insurance policy in the English language will be given by the Employer to the Worker and attached by the Employer as Annex C to this SEC, after the arrival of the Worker to Israel.
  3. The Employer may deduct monthly from the salary of worker, one third of the cost of the above medical insurance, but no more than the maximum sum set out in the relevant Israeli regulations, the lower of the two. This sum will be updated by the Israeli Government from time to time.
  4. If the Worker cannot work due to illness, he shall be paid 50% of his salary by the Employer for the second and third day of absence and 100% of his salary from the fourth day of absence, upon presentation of a medical certificate certifying that he could not work due to illness. The entitlement to sick pay shall not exceed a cumulative period as set out here forth:

    a. From 1 month to 12 months 2 work days per month (up to 24 days a year)
    b. From 13 months to 36 months 66 working days
    c. From 37 months to 84 months 110 working days.

  5. The accumulated sick days cannot exceed more than a maximum of 110 days. The Employer may require the Worker to undergo medical examination once a
    year by a physician agreed upon by the parties at the expense of the Employer

Foreign Worker Deposit Fund

An additional sum, over and above the salary of each hotel housekeeper, must be deposited monthly by the employer into a fund held by Israeli Immigration Authority (PIBA) which will be paid to worker after legal deductions of taxes and bank fees, on account of employer deposits for severance pay and pension, subject to the hotel housekeeper leaving at the end of his legal work permit period. If the hotel housekeeper overstays illegally in Israel, a portion of the above sum will be deducted monthly, and if the illegal overstay is 6 months or above the worker will forfeit the entire sum.

Qualifications and other preconditions for inclusion in the roster

Qualified Applicants should register online at or and personally present the originals and the documentary requirements on your appointment schedule


A. For Registration

  • With NCII Certification on Housekeeping
  • At least 25 years of age
  • Philippine citizenship
  • Never previously worked experience in Israel
  • Does not have parent/s, spouse or children currently in working or residing in Israel
  • NBI Clearance
  • Physically and mentally healthy, does not suffer from diseases or from chronic medical conditions including (but not limited to) tuberculosis, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS; and is capable of physically demanding hotel housekeeping work in Israel.
  • They declare that they are diligent, service oriented, pay attention to details and have a polite manner.
  • Good English language skills to communicate in English with hotel management and guests.
  • Printed copy of Worker’s Information Sheet/E-Registration (login at
  • Certificate of online Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)
  • Valid Passport copy
  • Two (2) pieces 2×2 recent picture

B. Documentary requirements:

  • Print-out of E-Registration account
  • Certificate of online Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)
  • TESDA NCII Certification on Housekeeping
  • Scanned copy of Passport
  • NBI Clearance
  • Copy of Birth Certificate issued by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
  • Copy of UMID ID or Copy of National ID or Voter’s ID or Postal ID or driver’s license of applicant and copy of spouse’s UMID ID or Voter’s ID or Postal ID or driver’s license for PIBA system requirement
  • Other requirements or criteria as may be specified by PIBA

A general description of the recruitment procedure including the selection process:

Each applicant shall initially file his application with POEA via online registration procedure as follows:

  • Visit the POEA website,
  • Under e-Registration, click “Let’s Go”. Then type your registered email and password to login.
    • Note: If you don’t have an e-Registration account yet, click the “Register” link. Then click the “I Accept the terms of Use” to continue, fill up the form with your personal data then click “Register”
    • Important: Complete all your credentials and information in eregistration before applying.
    • Reminder: Do not create multiple accounts to avoid unnecessary impediments in your future transactions.
  • Click the “Apply” button in the e-Registration dashboard to continue. (Announcement regarding application for homebased caregivers for Israel is visible in the dashboard)
  • Answer all questions then submit by clicking the “Submit” button
  • POEA will then evaluate your submitted online application
  • Schedule of Interview and Submission/Verification of documents will be posted in your e-registration account
  • Print your schedule, since it will serve as your Appointment Slip in POEA Each applicant will present the originals of the required documents Each applicant shall present proof and declare that he meets all qualifications and shall be asked to sign a Declaration and Undertaking which includes a waiver of confidentiality of information.
  • Each applicant will then receive from POEA a registration card confirming receipt of the applicant’s complete documents.

Estimated costs associated with the recruitment and employment of the hotel housekeeper

There will be no recruitment fees collected from the applicants at any stage of the recruitment process. Beware of unauthorized agents who may request illegal fees or who promise to arrange hotel work in Israel – as the workers who arrive in Israel will only be those qualified applicants who are randomly chosen by Israel from the final database (no more than 75% of the applicants up to 500 workers) The applicant will be responsible for paying for the plane ticket to and from Israel, as well as for his medical examination in the Philippines, to be carried out as per a form set by Israel. (See list of fees/deductions from salary attached as Addendum A)

Maximum duration of permitted employment

The contract duration will be for one year, and may be extended for an additional year subject to employer request and fulfilment of visa conditions. After that period, any additional extensions will be subject to Israeli Government decisions and policy, but no more than 5 years for each worker.

General description of the recruitment procedure including the selection process and the link to website containing a Foreign Workers’ Rights Handbook

Each applicant shall initially file his application with POEA via online registration and receive an e-registration number. After registering online, each applicant will present the required original documents and submit one (1) set of photo copies fastened in a folder labeled with his full name and e-registration number at the relevant POEA office. Each applicant will then receive from POEA a registration card confirming receipt of the applicant’s complete documents. The applicant can thereafter check the status of his application with POEA. Each applicant shall present proof and declare that he meets all qualifications and shall sign a declaration per Israeli formats which includes a waiver of confidentiality of information. Professional examinations or recorded interviews may be carried out by the Israeli side. Be aware that inclusion in the database does not ensure selection for work in Israel, as Israel will randomly select no more than 75% of the qualified workers in the final database of applicants.
In addition, the maximum number of selected workers shall in no case be more than 1000 workers.

The link to website containing Foreign Workers’ Rights Handbook in English:

COVID-19 Issues: The selected applicants may be notified of additional medical checks or vaccines to be carried out in the Phillipines or in Israel at the applicant’s expense, as well as a required quarantine period in Israel before beginning work, according to Israeli Health Procedures at the time of arrival of the workers. Only applicants who agree to COVID 19 vaccinations as will be required by Israel will be selected.

Dates for submitting complete folders for each round Applicants are required to present their original documents for authentication of written information before forwarding the same to the employer.

Deadline of submission of applications:

  • Applicants from the POEA Regional Offices (July 15, 2022)
  • Applicants from the Central Office (POEA – Ortigas) (July 15,2022)

Only those with complete documents will be accepted

Important Notification

The Government of the State and/or PIBA are not and will not be the employers of the hotel housekeepers, and the deployed workers will be directly employed by hotel owners or managers who hold permits allowing them to employ foreign hotel housekeepers.


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  44. Lydia U. Uylengco

    Good day! Hiring for housekeeping in Israel still open for this year 2023? Thank you.


    hi sir maam can I apply as a housekeeping I try my very best to my job good and fast I have a nc11 certificate in tesda training center hope u reach me up as a housekeeping maam sir thank you and god bless all


    Hi ma’am
    Can I apply housekeeping
    I have also experience in housekeeping when my internship when I’m grade 12

    1. Tuazon Vanessa

      Hi Maam /Sir Im Vanessa Tuazon
      I am willing to apply for House keeping,I Am interested to work in hotel ,I also have 6 years experience in Hospital as a Housekeeping.

  47. Jeffrey Joves

    I’m welling to apply for Housekeeping I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the Housekeeper position at Cloud Clearwater. As a meticulous person with an eye for detail, I am confident that my abilities can be of great value at Cloud Clearwater. I am committed to providing excellent housekeeping service each time I enter a home.

  48. Cherlyn roblico

    Mam I’m willing to work in istrael as house keeping.. I’m currently her in Singapore thank u

  49. Jet

    Hi mam still hiring I’m ex abroad of house keeping din po, meron ako certificate of house keeping galing sa company ko before, but ang need is tesda.. But I’m willing po na kumuha ng tesda certificate.. Thanks and God bless

    1. Belinda basilio Navarro

      Mam I’m willing to work housekeeping I’m ex abroad in Dubai now saudi finished my contacts July I’m willing to apply this job please need my job 🙏🙏🙏 thank you

  50. Jennifer this

    Hi ma’am/sir I’m Jennifer Placido Puquiz 32 of age residence in mangatarem pangasinan,I am very interested to work as a hotel cleaner or housekeeper in Israel even I don’t have experience work in abroad but I’m willing to learn. If you give me a chance to work in Israel,you won’t regret it. I always make it my goal to keep learning ang short school education won’t stop me from absorbing everything to teach me.

  51. Mary joy G decastro

    Hi ma’am and sir I am interested to apply..please help me how ..I’m from Philippines I have already ncll for housekeeping…and ofw for almost 6 years.

  52. Alextaguilala

    Hi mam/sir im interested to apply as housekeeper im from phillipines.i have already certificate nc11 ..thank you very much

  53. Rafoncel cadiente

    Im willing to apply hotel worker

    1. Jonalyn

      Hi mam willing to apply for housekeeping.. Sana makaabot pa po kaming lahat, salamat

  54. Melody katigbak

    Hello! I am willing to apply for house keeping,10 yrs experience abroad. Thankyou! My God bless s all.

    1. POEAJOBS Author

      Please register to apply

  55. Rusie Guballo Colinares

    Hi. Im welling to apply housekeeping my experience in cleaning is6yrs. Im also done training as a housekeeping ihave proof certificate. Thank you

  56. Ma luisa Orijuela

    Good day Ma’am and Sir.i am willing to apply as a housekeeping but i don’t have exp.?I’m 41yrs old.Thank you

  57. Marsha Alfonso Opeda

    Can apply as ahousekeeping without exprience?


      Hello Ma’am /Sir
      Good day, I am interested to applying for the position hotel housekeeper, I have already Housekeeping NCIi Cert, and i have a passport holder , I am collges graduate in Partido State University course Bachelor of Elem. Educ. I am confident that my skills and abilities as a housekeeping would ideally fit to this position in terms of rendering in a good costumer service. Please help me. Thank you.

      1. POEAJOBS Author

        Please register to apply

  58. Shovelyn Ervas

    Hello madam/sir I’m willing to apply in hotel in Israel in any vacant position I desire,but I have no passport,I’m hardworking,honest .
    Hoping for a job thank you 🙂

  59. Ah

    Hello madam/sir
    I am a passport holder and also i have housekeeping NCII certificate .
    I wanted to apply in israel as hotel housekeeping is there any vacancy? I want to apply?

    1. Maricel cadangan

      Hello ma’am/sir
      I wanted to apply as a housekeeping hotel in Israel, please do hire me I am a passport holder and 6years working experience. Thank you very much

  60. jeffrey t rona

    good morning po maam/sir ask ko lang po if may hiring po kayo ng housekeeping..complete papers na po..thanks

  61. Adeyeye Babatunde adeniyi

    Good morning sir /ma

    My name is adeyeye babatunde

    This my 7 years in Dubai
    I have experience in recreation pool attendant office

    I also work for saeed police in abu dahbi for expo2020

    I work for the first collection hotel business bay

    I work for Qatar world sports event 2022 till now
    I need a hospitality job
    recreation pool attendant, housekeeper, bellman , restaurant dishwasher
    this my email-

  62. Jennifer Mallorca

    Hi Good Day! I’m willing to work at Israel but i dont have NC2 cerfication can i still apply?

    1. Melody

      Goodmorning mam/sir
      I’m melody Cortez willing to work in Israel as a hotel worker/ ex abroad in hongkong for 7mos.i want to work in Israel for my family. I also have NCII. Thank you

  63. Jennifer Corpuz

    Hello i want to apply as housekeeping

  64. Jennifer Corpuz

    Hello mam i want to apply as housekeeping in israel

  65. Raymark Idos

    Applying as housekeeping

  66. sherwin dacanay

    im interested applying for housekeeping

  67. Melody

    Goodmorning mam/sir
    I’m melody Cortez willing to work in Israel as a hotel worker/ ex abroad in hongkong for 7mos.i want to work in Israel for my family. I also have NCII. Thank you

  68. Merlinda Nuñez

    Apply for house keeping/hotel worker

  69. Mary Ann Dumapay

    I’m Mary Ann 43 yrs old, willing to apply in abroad for the future of my son’s I’m currently working being a lady guard, but not enough for the needs of my son’s I’m single Mom and hope to choose me Ma’am/Sir to work in that Place, thank you and God bless.

  70. Marielle Celeste

    I’m marielle c. Celeste 24 yrs old, willing to work in abroad for the future for my family. I’m currently working as a waiter, housekeeping in hotel . But that’s not enough for the needed for my family , because i don’t have father he died recently because of dialysis . And hope to choose for me to work in israel as housekeeping .

    1. POEAJOBS Author

      Please register to apply

      1. Rotsen

        Is it still hiring this year 2023?

  71. Arnel Andres Asuncion

    I’m interested to apply

  72. Remynick arevalo

    I want to apply as a housekeeping more than 2 yes experience in a many establishment.

  73. Sharon Sicad Janer

    I’m Sharon Janer 34 years Old.Im interested to apply in Housekeeping job for Israel.I can Clean,map the Floor,change linens,Wash clothes,ironing and I can do multi tasking.A Verry Hardworking mom.I hope you give me the chance as one of those Housekeeper . Thank you .

  74. Joel r.buenconsejo

    Im looking a job,at any any country as long as related to my position food hotel catering commis 2

    1. POEAJOBS Author

      Please register to apply

  75. Melanie Bernabe

    Hello SIR/MADAME I am 53 yrs.old and I am working here household worker Lagos Nigeria 9 yrs.I am still interested to apply to Israel thank you.My original place is from Iloilo City Philippines.


    Hi! My name is Noel and I am a Licensed Professional Teacher and last year I recieved my Housekeeping Certificate II from TESDA. I wanted to apply as Housekeeper and I am good in Speaking English which I can contribute for the betterment of the Hotel. Thank you and have. A great day!

  77. elmer lumba puno

    hi sr/mam im interested apply hotel worker in israel housekeeping or driver i have driver liences israel this my number09637331468 thank you🙏


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