Homebased Caregiver Job Hiring in Israel – Government to Government Hiring Program

Israel is in urgent need of qualified applicants for the position/s:

Homebased Caregivers

I. Estimated minimum salary

a. Gross Monthly Minimum Wage – 5300 NIS (5300 New Israeli Shekels which is approximately PhP 77,320.4 exchange rate of 1 NIS= PhP 14.58)

II. Other Benefits (To be discussed in detail during orientation)

Weekly Rest Day, Holidays and Vacation
Medical Insurance and Sick Pay


The Employer shall provide the Caregiver with suitable living accommodations in the home of the PWD for the entire duration of the employment, and for at least seven days after the termination of the employment.

Severance Pay and Pension:

After the Caregiver has completed six (6) months of work in Israel, in addition to the above salary, the employer will be responsible to pay the Caregiver, a sum as set out in the Pension Extension Order. In addition, if the Caregiver is eligible for severance pay as per the 1963 Severance Pay Law, the Employer shall be responsible for adding any outstanding sums as per that law. The above sums shall be paid no later than at the end of the employment period.

Notwithstanding the provisions of sub-section, the Employer may instruct the National Insurance Institute to deposit monthly pension and severance pay deposits for the Caregiver into the “Foreign Caregivers Deposit Fund” (hereinafter: The Fund) held by PIBA.

National Insurance Institute

Recuperation Pay

III. Food and Drink In The Workplace:

The Caregiver will provide for his own meals at his own expense.

IV. Airline Expenses

The Caregiver will pay for his airline tickets, inclusive of travel insurance, from the Philippines to Israel, as well as upon his return from Israel to the Philippines

V. Qualifications and other preconditions for inclusion of applicants in the roster


Qualified Applicants should register online at www.dmw.gov.ph or www.onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph and personally present the originals and the documentary requirements on your appointment schedule:

A. For Registration:

  • At least 23 years of age.
  • At least 1.5 meters tall and weigh at least 45 kg.
  • BS Nursing or BS Physical Therapist graduate OR Successfully completed at least 10 years of schooling (High School) with TESDA certification for NCII Caregiving with at least 760 hours of relevant training
  • English language proficiency enables them to communicate with relevant bodies in Israel.
  • Have never previously worked in Israel.
  • Do not have parents, a spouse or children currently working or residing in Israel.
  • Are physically and mentally healthy, do not suffer from diseases or from chronic medical conditions including (but not limited to) tuberculosis, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, and AIDS; and are capable of difficult caregiving work in Israel.
  • Have clean National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) records from the Philippines.
  • have Philippine citizenship.

B. Documentary requirements:

  • Print-out of E-Registration account
  • Certificate of online Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)
  • TESDA NC II for Caregiver with copy of Training Certificate from a TESDA accredited Training Center (760 hours of relevant training)
  • Scanned copy of Passport (data page, valid for at least three (3) years)
  • NBI Clearance NBI Clearance – six (6) months from the date of issuance
  • Copy of Birth Certificate issued by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
  • Copy of UMID ID or Voter’s ID or Postal ID or National ID or driver’s license of applicant and copy of spouse’s UMID ID or National ID or Voter’s ID or Postal ID or driver’s license for PIBA system requirement
  • Other requirements or criteria as may be specified by PIBA

C. A general description of the recruitment procedure including the selection process:

Each applicant shall initially file his application with POEA via online registration procedure as follows:

  • Visit the POEA website, www.onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph
  • Under e-Registration, click “Let’s Go”. Then type your registered email and password to login.
    • Note: If you don’t have an e-Registration account yet, click the “Register” link. Then click the “I Accept the terms of Use” to continue, fill up the form with your personal data then click “Register”
    • Important: Complete all your credentials and information in eregistration before applying.
    • Reminder: Do not create multiple accounts to avoid unnecessary impediments in your future transactions.
  • Click the “Apply” button in the e-Registration dashboard to continue.
    (Announcement regarding application for homebased caregivers for Israel is visible in the dashboard)
  • Answer all questions then submit by clicking the “Submit” button
  • POEA will then evaluate your submitted online application
  • Schedule of Interview and Submission/Verification of documents will be posted in your e-registration account
  • Print your schedule, since it will serve as your Appointment Slip in POEA
  • Each applicant will present the originals of the required documents Each applicant shall present proof and declare that he meets all qualifications and shall be asked to sign a Declaration and Undertaking which includes a waiver of confidentiality of information.
  • Each applicant will then receive from POEA a registration card confirming receipt of the applicant’s complete documents.

D. Recruitment Process

  • Applicants attend pre-recruitment briefing hosted by POEA-GPB
  • Sending of applicant’s information to PIBA for namecheck
  • The Israeli Authorities will check that there is no migration limitation on the applicants in the final list (such as prior work in Israel or first degree relatives in Israel etc.) and will remove from the database any such applicants and inform POEA of the reason for such, so POEA can inform the removed applicants. (name check)
  • The Israeli Authorities will then carry out a random selection of no more than 75% of the applicants in the final database (approximately 90% women and 10% men) -Random selection
  • Conduct of recorded interview of applicants and fill out a computerized questionnaire
  • Applicants undergo basic medical examinations (any accredited DOH accredited medical clinic for overseas employment)
  • Selection of applicants by the employers
  • Receiving of SEC by PIBA and sending to POEA
  • POEA conducts Pre-Documentation Briefing and signing of SEC (signing should be within 5 days from date of receipt)
  • POEA to scan the contract and send it back to PIBA
  • POEA to assist in visa application and travel arrangement
  • Deployment
  • Arrival pick up by PIBA at Israel airport

VI. General job description, general working and living condition

Homebased Caregivers should provide diligent and skilled caregiving assistance to Persons with Disabilities including elderly disabled persons in Israel (hereinafter: PWD’s) in order to assist the PWD in carrying out activities of daily living including:

  1. household management, as reasonably required for the personal needs of the PWD, such as dressing, bathing and cleaning, toileting and/or diapering, food preparation, cooking, eating, feeding and cleanup,
  2. giving prescribed medications, supervision, lifting, transferring, cleaning of PWD living quarters, purchases, laundry and
  3. accompanying the PWD outside the home, as well as any special duties are required in order to take care of the PWD
  4. Special duties as set out in Annex A of the Special Employment Contract
  5. As per instructions given to the Caregiver by the Employer or his representative
  6. Please note that there are 2 versions of the SEC version one for cases in which the PWD is himself the employer of the Caregiver, and the second for cases in which a family member or legal representative of the PWD will be the official employer of the Caregiver.
  7. In both cases the Caregiver’s duties will be to care for the PWD and the Caregiver will live in the PWD’s home, during the regular work week.

VII. General working and living conditions:

Working conditions will be as set out in SEC.

VIII. Workplace and Work Week

Work Week – The regular work week of the Caregiver will be six (6) days a week, and the Caregiver agrees to be available to care for the Employer throughout the work week, as a live-in caregiver, provided that the Caregiver is given reasonable breaks from active work for relaxation, personal needs, and sleep.

The Caregiver’s duties are counted among those that require a special degree of personal trust, as stipulated in the Work and Rest Hours Law, 5711-1951. In addition, the Caregiver will reside in the accommodation provided by the Employer in the home of the PWD. Thus, as per Israeli case law, the Caregiver will not be entitled to remuneration for overtime hours.

IX. Estimated costs associated with the recruitment and employment of the Caregiver:

There will be no recruitment fees collected from the applicants at any stage of the recruitment process.

X. The applicant will be responsible for paying for his/her plane ticket to and from Israel, as well as for his/her medical examination in the Philippines, to be carried out as per a form set by Israel.

XI. In addition – not all applicants included in the final database will be chosen to arrive in Israel and inclusion of an applicant in the database does not constitute any obligation on the part of Israel or POEA or any person or body concerning work in Israel for any applicant!!

XII. Maximum duration of permitted employment. – The regular maximum duration of permitted employment of a home based caregiver in Israel is up to 63 months from the time of first entry into Israel

XIII. The link to a website containing a Foreign Workers’ Rights Handbook in English;

XIV. Important Notification: The Government of the State of Israel and/or PIBA are not and will not be the employers of the Caregivers, and the deployed workers will be directly employed taking care of the PWD in his or her home, either directly by the a PWD who holds a permit allowing employment of a foreign caregiver, or by the PWD’s family members or legal representatives, either alone or jointly with a caregiving company as set out in the SEC.

Covid-19 – Please be aware that additional testing or limitations, including covid-19 testing before leaving the Philippines and 14-day minimum quarantine after arriving in Israel, will be included in the procedure as per agreement between POEA and the Israeli Authorities.

Applicants are required to present their original documents for authentication of written information before forwarding the same to the employer.

Deadline of online applications

  • Applicants from the POEA Regional Offices: June 28, 2022
  • Applicants from the Central Office (POEA – Ortigas): June 30, 2022

Only those with complete documents will be accepted.

Important Notification

The Government of the State of Israel and/or PIBA are not and will not be the employers of the Homebased Caregivers.


  1. Maylin E. Valentin

    I find the job

  2. Maylin E. Valentin

    Maam,can i apply care giver in esrael,im ex abroad in riyadh saudi arabia 5yrs straight.house hold workes

  3. Joan Ibarreta Felix

    Hi. I am Joan Felix. A certified caregiver with nc2 certificate. I am interested to apply as a caregiver to esrael. Thank you

    1. Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Author

      Please read section V:

      Qualified Applicants should register online at http://www.dmw.gov.ph or http://www.onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph and personally present the originals and the documentary requirements on your appointment schedule

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        I have good experienced in home caregiver. I am female.mobile number
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        1. POEAJOBS Author

          Please register to apply

  4. Charisma Belen Parreno Chiong

    Good afternoon I am Charisma ex abroad in HK for 4years elderly care. i am a Nursing graduate a certified caregiver and health care services. I am willing to apply as a caregiver in Israel for i am a hardworking person currently in Philippines for almost a year.. Hoping for a best reply..thank you

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    I’m Dave interested to apply house keeping in esrael 7 yrs experience in hotel Philippines


      Good day Ma’am/Sir

      I am Jennifer M. Gallardo Interested to applying housekeeping in Israel

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    Im interested to apply care giver in Israel so i studied here in hongkong… but the requirements need 760hrs. Isn’t considered if we have certificate that we completed the training here in hongkong as we have nc2?

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    Dear Ma’am/sir
    I read from the website that you need an caregiver send to Israel, I would like to apply the position, I’m caregiver NCll holder, certified for CPR and know how to drive a car.
    If you need more information, I will attach my documents.
    Thank you and God bless ❤️


    I graduated Bs HRM can I apply job in Israel.

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