What you need to remember before you board a Plane

Documents to prepare before you board a plane

  • Pre-Departure Overseas Seminar or PDOS Certificate
  • Valid passport
  • Working visa
  • Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC
  • Flight ticket and Boarding pass
  • Employment Contract
  • NBI Clearance
  • Valid government-issued ID with your photo
  • Letter of Guarantee or Letter of Endorsement, if applicable
  • Seaman’s Book, for seafarers

What you need to prepare to the Immigration Officer

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • OEC
  • Plane Ticket
  • Seaman’s Book for Seafarers
  • Departure Card

Other things to bring:

  • Black Pen
  • Small notebook
  • Cash
  • Water tumbler
  • Extra clothes

Step-by-Step Process of what to do once you enter NAIA Airport: 

  1. Go to the OFW Lounge. This where your OEC and Employment Contract will be validated
  2. Go through the airport security and scanning
  3. Proceed to your designated airline for check-in and dropping of bags. A boarding pass and baggage claim tag will be given to you after.
  4. Go to the departure lobby for another scan. Make sure you present your passport and boarding pass.
  5. Get a departure card and fill it out
  6. Head to the immigration counter – OFW Express Lane. Make sure that all your documents are ready
  7. Once approved the IO, pass though Customs for scan. At this point, body search is legal and you will be asked to remove your shoes
  8. After passing through customs, go to your designated pre-departure gate for boarding

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