Step by step process in Getting your Philippine Vaccination Certificate

Getting your Philippine Vaccination Certificate? Here’s a step by step process:

  1. Visit the website at
  2. You will be asked of your Vaccination Status (Partially or Fully Vaccinated). Then you will be asked by a “Yes or No” question if you’re vaccinated more than 48 hours ago in any of your doses. Then click next button.
  3. Input your Personal Information and click next after.
  4. Input your Vaccination Details – Location City/Municipality of your 1st/2nd Doses including the dates. Then click the green button below “Verify Vaccination Information”. It will lead you to verify your inputed account details.  Click Continue.
  5. Enter the 7 character verification exactly the same as shown. Then click OK.
  6. It will lead you to Record Found Page. If your details are correct, click Generate Vaccination Certificate. If you wish to your details click Update Record to submit a request. Tick on if you intend to use certificate for travel purposes and input your Passport Number in the field.
  7. Finally click the green button below “Generate Vaccination Certificate”

There you have it guys. You can now use this VaxCert as part of your Travel Requirements locally and abroad. Share this one, hope it helps.

Note: Auntentic VaxCertPH has a secure QR code and can be verified by using the scan functionality at


What is an International Certificate of Vaccination or ICV?

The International Certificate of Vaccination or ICV is a document that records an individual’s vaccinations required to travel abroad. It is recognized by member countries of the World Health Organization.

Is ICV mandatory for those going abroad?

International Certificate (ICV) is not mandatory and cannot be considered an “immunity passport.” It serves as “proof of vaccination” of an individual. Not all countries require ICV. You should contact the country you are going to to find out what their entry requirements are.

Who may request for ICV for COVID-19?

Individuals who will travel abroad, such as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), seafarers, and others, can obtain an ICV for COVID-19. These individuals must be “fully vaccinated” in the Philippines.

What are the needed requirements in requesting for an ICV for COVID-19?

Passport, valid ID, and vaccination card are required. The following must be uploaded to the system and must be presented on the day of your appointment.

At which Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) offices can I request an ICV for COVID-19?

You can request International Certificate (ICV) at the following BOQ Offices:

  • BOQ Port Area, Manila
  • BOQ SM Mall of Asia Satellite Office
  • BOQ SM North Edsa Satellite Office (issuance of COVID-19 ICV only)
  • BOQ Batangas
  • BOQ Subic
  • BOQ La Union
  • BOQ Laoag
  • BOQ Cebu
  • BOQ Davao
  • BOQ Cagayan de Oro
  • BOQ Tabaco

To be included in BOQ OBS soon

  1. BOQ General Santos 
  2. BOQ Iloilo
  3. BOQ Kalibo 
  4. BOQ Bacolod 
  5. BOQ Palawan 

How can I apply for an ICV for COVID-19?

You need to book an appointment at

Is there a charge for an ICV for COVID-19?

There is a fee for requesting an ICV for COVID-19. It costs Php 300.00 + Php 70.00 convenience fee

I was vaccinated with the first dose abroad, and my second dose was in the Philippines. Can I get an ICV for COVID-19?

Currently, only those who were “fully vaccinated” in the Philippines can be issued an ICV

I have been vaccinated abroad. Can I get an ICV for COVID-19?

Currently, only those who are “fully vaccinated” in the Philippines can be issued an ICV

I made a booking mistake. Can I get a refund?

The terms and agreement state that entering incorrect information may result in your payment being forfeited.

I failed to go to my schedule. What will happen to my schedule and payment?

It is stated in the “terms and agreement” that not attending your scheduled appointment may be a reason to forfeit your payment. However, if the reason for not going is medical, you can email and attach the medical certificate proving your condition.

I cannot attend my schedule. Can I send a representative with an authorization letter to process the service I booked?

Senior citizens, PWDs, and those with medical conditions that may be a reason for failing to attend their appointment can delegate an “authorized representative” to collect their ICV. However, one “authorized person” can only take up to two transactions. They must bring an authorization letter for each transaction and must present two valid IDs. They must also present a document proving the client’s condition, such as senior citizen ID, medical certificate, and others.

My ICV does not have a passport number. Do I need to get a new ICV?

Starting August 20, 2021, all ICVs issued by the BOQ will have a passport number.

However, all ICVs issued before that date shall remain valid and will not need to be replaced. If the ID you uploaded when booking an appointment is your passport, it has already been automatically updated to digital form. There is no need to issue your ICV. If you do not have a passport, you can email and request that your passport number be updated on the ICV. Send your reference number, copy of ICV information page and your passport information page.

I am going to Hong Kong, and my ICV does not have a passport number. What should I do?

You can request certification from the BOQ Office. The certification and ICV must be presented to the authorities upon arrival in Hong Kong.

Please click the link for the Advisory On The Expedite ICV Issuance

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