Senate moves closer to creating OFW department

Senator Joel Villanueva said senators have wrapped up their interpellation of a bill creating the Department of Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos (DMWOF).

Villanueva, chairman of the Senate labor committee, said the termination of the period of interpellation and debates “means we’re entering the last quarter of the game.”

When Congress resumes sessions next month, he said the bill will be entering the period of amendments where senators will “further polish and improve” the bill.

Villanueva described the DMWOF bill, which he sponsored and defended in plenary, as having undergone a “line by line” examination by both majority and minority senators.

“It is as if the proposed department were a building and senators took a floor-by-floor, room-by-room review of the blueprint.,” Villanueva said.

He explained that the lengthy debates allowed senators to delineate the roles of the DFA, DOLE, and DMWOF “to expedite onsite assistance to our OFWs and implement preventive interventions.”

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