POEA-approved agency in sending Filipino Specified Skilled Workers in Japan


  • 10th Story Placement Agency, Inc.
  • 1st Northern International Placement Inc.
  • 2000 Miles Placement Agency, Inc.
  • A. Kanan Manpower Corporation
  • Abba Personnel Services Inc.
  • ABD Overseas Manpower Corp.
  • Achieve Universal International Recruitment Services Inc.
  • Advance Productions Inc.
  • Agility International Manpower Solution (AIMS) Inc.
  • Al Batra Recruitment Agency Inc.
  • Al-Alamia International Manpower Services
  • Alizabeth Recruitment Incorporated
  • Alo International Manpower Services Inc.
  • Alpha Manpowerlink Agency Co.
  • Alpha Tomo (P) Intl Manpower Services Inc.
  • AMCAAJ International Recruitment Agency Inc.
  • AML & GS Placement Enterprises Company Inc.
  • Androme Recruitment and Management Services, Inc.
  • Aqium International Inc.
  • Arix World Manpower Corporation
  • Ark Overseas Human Resource Corp.
  • Asia Reach International Management & Contractor Services Inc.
  • Asian Dream Manpower Services Inc.
  • Asmacs Recruitment Services Inc.
  • Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila Inc
  • Benchstone Enterprises Inc.
  • Blazing Star International Manpower Services
  • Career Planners Specialists International Inc
  • Cebu New Wave Recruitment Inc.
  • Celevy International Corporation
  • Centro Project Manpower Services
  • 32. Channel International Placement Services Corp
  • Chariot Labor Asia Manpower Services
  • Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists, Inc.
  • Cierto Agencia Profesionale Inc.
  • City Employment Center Inc.
  • Cleopatra International Placement Agency Inc.
  • Concorde International Human Resource Corporation
  • Connectional Overseas Employment Agency
  • Coreteam Manpower Services Inc.
  •  CPM Manpower Services Inc.
  • Danasan Manpower & Management Services
  • Desertwealth Int’l Services Corp.
  • Diamond Overseas Manpower Enterprises
  • Dream Force International Manpower Services Inc.
  • EAK Int’l Recruitment Services Co.
  • E-GMP International Corporation
  • Empire International Human Resources Inc.
  • EMS Services International Inc.
  • Energy Manpower Services Inc.
  • Everlast International Placements, Inc.
  • Expedite Movers Manpower Services
  • Filipinas-Global Multi-Services Inc
  • Finas Manpower Recruitment Corporation
  • FJ-Mhark Manpower International Agency Inc.
  • Fluor Manpower Agency Inc
  • Gatchalian Promotion Talent’s Pool Inc.
  • GCC International Manpower Agency
  • Giant International Employment Agency Inc.
  • Golden Gateway Int’l Manpower Services Inc.
  • Golden Legacy Jobmovers Corp.
  • Goldmarc International Career Corp.
  • Grand Placement & General Services Corp.
  • Great One International Placement Agency Inc.
  • Great Ways Manpower International Inc.
  • Greenfields International Manpower Services, Inc.
  • Greenland Overseas Manpower Services Co.
  • H.M.O. International Human Resources
  • Havillah International Manpower Services Inc
  • Hayya International Services Corp
  • Hiro Global Manpower Inc.
  • Holy Cross Placement Agency Inc.
  • HRD Employment Consultant And Multi-Services, Inc.
  • Icarius International Placement & Promotion Agency Corporation
  • Imes Global Inc.
  • Infotech Professional Services Inc.
  • Infowell Manpower Services
  • Insana International Placement Agency Inc.
  • Insana International Placement Agency Inc.
  • Interasia Outsource, Inc.
  • International Skill Development Inc.
  • J.A.S. Empire International Promotion Corp.
  • JAD+GTC Manpower Supply & Services Inc.
  • JCJ Management Services And International Promotion
  • Jemstone Global Recruitment Agency Company Inc.
  • Jenerick International Manpower Inc.
  • Jing International Placement & Promotion Services Inc.
  • JM International Inc.
  • Jobsconnect Manpower Agency Inc.
  • JP21 Services and Development Corporation
  • JZPT Global Manpower Services
  • Kaoji International General Services Co.
  • Kenmore Placement International Agency Inc.
  • Kingdom International Manpower Services Inc
  • Landbase Human Resources Company
  • Lau’Mel International Staffing Services Incorporated
  • LBS Recruitment Solutions Corp.
  • Link Asia Manpower Solutions Corp
  • Louis International Manpower Services (Phils) Inc.
  • Luxury and JP International Corporation
  • Luzern International Manpower Services Corporation
  • Maanyag International Manpower Corporation
  • Magsaysay Global Services, Inc.
  • Manila On-Time Express Manpower Inc
  • Mardel International Management & Services, Inc.
  • Marmic International Placement Services
  • Max Support Inc.
  • MBC Human Resources Development Corporation
  • MEC International Manpower Resources Inc.
  • Mega Manpower Corporation 111. Meiden Way Management Specialist
  • Metro Global Search International Network Corp
  • MichaelAngelo Manpower Exponent Incorporated
  • Midol Intl Human Resources Inc.
  • MIP International Manpower Services Inc.
  • Mirben International Manpower Services
  • Mission Way Manpower Services Inc.
  • Mitac Overseas Manpower Corporation
  • MITC International Manpower Services Inc
  • Mori International Agency Corporation
  • MPL International Corporation
  • Mt. Zion International Placement Agency Inc.
  • Multi-Orient Manpower & Management Services Inc.
  • Namiko International Agency Inc.
  • Nevika Human Resource Internationale, Inc.
  • NHRFI Human Resources International Inc.
  • Nihon Kokusai Recruitment Agency Co.
  • Non-Stop Overseas Employment Corp.
  • OLM International Job Placement Corp.
  • Online Hiring Corp.
  • Optimega International Employment Inc.
  • Orobless International Recruitment Agency Services Inc.
  • Pacific Business Ventures Inc.
  • Panacea Intl Employment Resources Agency Inc
  • Peak Manpower Resources
  • Peridot International Resources Inc.
  • Perpetual Help Placement Services International Inc.
  • Phates Management Resources Inc.
  • Phil Assist Life Manpower Corporation
  • Phil-Apex Placement Agency Inc.
  • Philasia Human Resources Inc.
  • Philippine Integrated Labor Assistance Corporation (PHILAC)
  • Philnos Corporation
  • Philquest International Management And Service Contractor
  • Philworld Recruitment Agency, Inc.
  • Pisces International Placement Corporation
  • Placewell International Services Corporation
  • PMDL International Manpower Services
  • Princess Joy Placement & General Svcs, Inc.
  • Prudential Employment Agency, Inc.
  • QRD International Placement Inc
  • Quintrix International Manpower Center Inc.
  • R A L Career Link Inc.
  • Ramasia International Manpower Services Inc.
  • Rapid Manpower Consultants Inc.
  • Red Arrow Int’l Employment Inc.
  • RHV Placement Agency Int’l Inc.
  • Richelle Manpower Agency Co.
  • Rise Manpower Services Inc.
  • Rock Solid Manpower Network & Consultancy, Inc.
  • Royal Crown International Agency, Inc.
  • Royal Gem Resources & Manpower Development Corp.
  • Ruru Global Recruitment Services Inc.
  • acred Heart International Services, Inc
  • Sanko Employment Solutions Incorporated
  • Serviecon International Corp.
  • Sheeba International Manpower Services Corp
  • Silver Skilled Recruitment Inc.
  • SK Manpower Consultant
  • Sky Bourne International, Inc.
  • SL Search Corporation
  • SMC Manpower Agency Philippines Company
  • Staffhouse International Resources Corporation
  • Star World International Manpower & Placement Agency, Inc.
  • STB-DJL Human Link Inc.
  • STB-DJL Human Link Inc.
  • Strategic International Manpower Services Inc.
  • Studio 85 Promotions Inc.
  • Studio Kay Intl. Corp.
  • Sunrise International Talent Center, Inc.
  • Sunway International Manpower Services, Inc.
  • Tai-Fil Manpower Services Corp.
  • TDG Human Resource Management Inc.
  • Teng Long International Manpower Corporation
  • TG International Artist And Manpower Exponent, Inc.
  • Total Performance Manpower Supply Corp.
  • Tricastle International Inc.
  • TW (Phil.) International Manpower Inc.
  • Uniplan Overseas Employment Inc.
  • United Global Manpower Resources Inc.
  • Uni-Trust International Services, Inc.
  • Uno Overseas Placement Inc.
  • Verdant Manpower Mobilization Center Inc.
  • VFG International Placement Inc.
  • West Cebu People Solutions Inc.
  • West River International Staffing Agency Inc.
  • Wilson International Manpower Services Inc
  • Wonderful International Services, Inc.
  • Worldquest International Manpower Services, Inc.
  • Worldstar International Manpower Services Corporation
  • Ywa Human Resource Corporation
  • Zontar Manpower Services Inc.


Para sa mga first timer, ang requirement po ay updated resume (word or pdf form), N4 certificate, at Skills Test Certificate (na isinagawa sa Pinas o Japan).
Para naman po sa mga ex-trainee, ang requirement po ay:

  1. Updated resume
  2. Certificate of Completion (3 years) at
  3. National Trade Skills Test 3rd Level na isinasagawa sa Japan bago matapos ang pangatlong taon OR Evaluation Certificate from the company*

*Pag nakatapos ng tatlong taon at hindi po kumuha ng National Trade Skills Test 3rd Level, maari i-request ang evaluation certificate sa inyong companya.
Pag hindi po naka-abot ng 3 taon o hindi nakapasa sa exam, kailangan po ang N4 Certificate (https://jfmo.org.ph/jlpt/) at Skills Test Certificate para sa skill na aapplyan mo.

Please wait for the announcements of the skills testing in the Philippines to be done by the appropriate Japan Ministries.

Ang Job Categories na meron under SSW ay ang mga sumusunod lamang:


  1. argie lumanglas

    why ssw job order not release many xtrainee are waiting for job order.

  2. Ma Olivia Cruz

    Good day. I am Olivia Cruz, 44 yrs of age. I am currently looking to apply as a SSW for Care work/Food and Beverage Manufacture/Food Service Industry. I have a JLPT 4kyuu certification taken in 1998. I’ve been an exchange student in Hachioji, Tokyo in 1999-2000 majoring in Nihongo at Soka University. Came back to the Philippines and finished my degree in Linguistics at UP Diliman.
    I’ve been working in Japanese-related industries since I graduated. Spent a decade teaching Nihongo/English and another 11 years as a Japanese analyst and Team Leader for a Financial Technology company. I now want to try another Nihongo-related job in the form of being a SSW in Japan.
    I hope my qualifications are enough to secure a post as one.

  3. Adeline Pedroza

    I am now in the Philippines, I went back here last year.I finished Technical Intern Training II in Japan as food processing (baker) for 5 years.I have a JLPT N4 certificates.I also have a prometric certificate for caregiver just in case.I really wanted to apply as SSW in Japan.Please do contact me if ever you needed my skills.Thank you very much in advance.

    1. POEAJOBS Author

      Please register to apply


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