Hong Kong reopens door to OFWs

Starting today, Hong Kong is opening its doors again to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Labor attaché Melchor Dizon said 3,000 stranded OFWs can now enter Hong Kong, with its government ready to lift the travel ban on the Philippines.

But Dizon said more OFWs may be allowed to travel to Hong Kong since the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) continues to process job orders.

Hong Kong still requires a 14-day quarantine even for fully vaccinated workers upon arrival in the special administrative region.

Dizon encouraged OFWs to get vaccinated so they can fly to Hong Kong as soon as possible.

“We encourage our fellow Filipinos here in Hong Kong and those stranded in the Philippines to have themselves vaccinated against COVID-19. Otherwise, you will not be allowed entry into Hong Kong. This is also for your protection,” he stressed.

Filipino workers, Dizon said, can choose the the brand of vaccine in Hong Kong and also have the chance of getting cash and other incentives once they get inoculated.

Of the 220,000 OFWs in Hong Kong, Dizon said less than 50 percent had availed themselves of the vaccine.

The Hong Kong government is giving cash incentives to migrant workers while house and car await residents who get vaccinated.

Since July, the POLO has validated 1,000 vaccination cards of returning OFWs who have been fully inoculated in Hong Kong.

POLOs are required to validate the authenticity of a COVID-19 vaccination card or document of an OFW from the host country.

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