Electronic Customs Baggage and Currency Declaration

International travelers arriving in NAIA Terminal 1 and bringing in goods, including currencies in excess of PHP50,000.00* and/or USD10,000.00, in their baggage can now declare conveniently through the I-Declare System.

Subject to prior authorization from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and may be allowed only for the following purposes: (a) testing/calibration/ configuration of money counting/sorting machines; (b) numismatics (collection of currency); and (c) currency awareness.

If you are arriving at the NAIA Terminal 1, please take note of the following steps for a convenient Customs Clearance process:

  • Within 48 hours PRIOR to arrival, all Travelers and Crew Members arriving at NAIA Terminal 1 shall log in at https://ideclare.customs.gov.ph.
  • Click the “e-CBD Application” button, and read and acknowledge the Privacy Policy and Important Information by ticking the appropriate boxes.
  • Fill out the e-CBD Form by providing the following information:
    • Flight Details;
    • Port of Departure and Arrival; At
    • Personal Information;
    • General Declaration;
    • Additional Documents, if any;
    • Signature; and 7/11
    • Email Address
  • Once complete, click “Submit“.
  • Download the QR Code automatically sent to your registered email and print or directly present it to the Customs Officer at the Arrival Area for clearance.
  • Please proceed to the Green Lane if you have “Nothing to Declare” or to the Red Lane if you have “Goods to Declare“.

Electronic Customs Baggage and Currency DeclarationIn case you were not able to accomplish the e-CBDF prior to arrival, please proceed to the Customs Desk in the Arrival Area of the terminal.
Our Customs Officers will gladly assist you in accomplishing the paper OR electronic Customs Baggage Declaration Form through the e-CBDF Kiosks located at the Customs Area.


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