Chasing Chances: Journey of a Filipino Trainee in Japan By Clarence, Infowell Trainee

Four years ago, I was asking myself when will be my chance to work in Japan. Did you experience undergoing through a lot of processes, interviews and it feels like you have to wait forever for an update? I know that feeling very well. My family would even ask me if there were updates about my application and couldn’t give a positive feedback. They told me that I was just wasting my time. They doubt me and sometimes it also made me doubt myself. The coronavirus made it worse. I asked myself “Am I on the right track?” “Is it worth it?”

I kept on going chasing for my chance. I heard about an agency that was talked by many and inquired. I anticipate that I have to wait again but surprisingly everything ran smoothly. They discussed already the content of the contract and yes! I signed it that day of my interview.

On the positive side, God made me wait to be in a better place. The opportunity was granted to me. However, the pandemic is still on hit. So I used it to spend more time with my family and it made me ready for the life that awaits in Japan.

Now, I am working as a caregiver. It’s never easy, but not that hard. It’s like taking care of grandparents which I didn’t experience since I wasn’t able to meet them. Thanks to this job, a chance to see and consider the elders as my Lolo and Lola. I love to see their different moods and challenge myself to put a smile on their faces. It feels good to see them reunited with their families. Sometimes, I sing a Japanese song for them and they make applause. We also have superiors who guide us accordingly and appreciate our hard work. They never made us feel different despite the language barrier. We work with cooperation. Sometimes, it’s also tiring but it’s normal. One smile from the elders and an「ありがとう」 makes the hard work pays off.

But what’s more, paying off? It’s the salary day! It really feels good when you are paid appropriately. The first thing is to save and then manage the responsibilities. I can now pay my monthly bills without meeting deadlines. I do advance payments. I send to my family, of course. I can pay my own and their yearly government contribution. This is my time to secure them gradually while I’m capable. There’s still enough left for my own needs. Since it’s Japan, who would lose the chance to enjoy its beauty, culture, and food? It’s the best time for me to explore at least once a month as a reward to myself, simply because I deserved it.

Japan is beautiful but it’s not always happy here. Often, I feel lonely and cry a lot. There are things that I’m missing. Longing for the good times with the people I love, missing the delicious dishes of my mom, though I can cook them here, nothing beats the taste of my hometown. Jollibee and the Food Panda, yes! The unplanned trips, movie marathons, the unending laughter and especially the worship meetings with my family and friends, I miss everything!

There are really consequences to our choices. It’s just a matter of sacrifice. But I remember that it is my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I must not waste it besides I have goals why I am here. Being sad is normal, it’s a human feeling. Nevertheless, I can say today is better. I waited for this chance. Imagine, four years in the making. The good thing now is I can secure my family well and do my responsibilities which I’m incapable when I was in my country. Best would be bringing them here and live together in the future.

Now, if I crave for ‘Lomi’ then I will eat Ramen. When I feel lonely, I sing or eat delicious food. I go to beautiful places as Japan has a lot of hidden gems and it is very relaxing in mind. I talk to my loved ones, but when there’s no one to talk to, there’s still one who listens to me always. I talk to Him through prayer.

Compare my life before, it’s better and worth it now. And I am still working in progress. My problem before was different from today. Now, I am asking myself where should I spend my savings I earned here in Japan, the country I just used to dream of working for. Will it be for the house renovation? Or shall I have my own car? A positive problem indeed.

Many want to work in Japan. I was once one of them. If you’re going to ask me who processed my papers, I have an answer but don’t expect an instant fortune. Everyone undergoes the process. I also did. Take every opportunity you get and make progress. Do your best and think positively. Next time is not an assurance. Be troubled if you still have the same problem over the years. Life is meaningless if there’s no progress. Chances are rare. Make a move today.


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    Hello ma’am any available work for Canada like cleaner or housekeeping ma’am. I really need to find job right now. Thank you

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