Advertisement for Overseas Job Vacancies

POEA – RULE VIII (Advertisement for Overseas Job Vacancies)

SECTION 67. Advertisement for Overseas Employment.

— Advertisement for overseas employment shall include the publication of job vacancies in any form of communication, such as press releases, printed materials, or advertisements in radio, television, cinemas, internet, social media and other electronic forms, billboards, moving and human advertisements, and ad boards.

SECTION 68. Advertisement of Job Vacancies with Approved Job Orders.

— Licensed recruitment agencies may advertise job vacancies covered by approved job orders of accredited principals/employers without prior approval from the Administration and within the validity of its accreditation. The advertisement shall indicate the following information:

a. Name, address and POEA license number of the agency;
b. Name, address, POEA registration/accreditation number and worksite of the accredited principal/employer;
c. Skill categories and qualification standards; and
d. Number of available positions and salaries net of foreign income tax.

SECTION 69. Advertisement for Manpower Pooling.

— Licensed recruitment agencies may advertise for manpower pooling, subject to prior approval of the Administration and compliance with the following conditions:

a. The advertisement shall indicate the phrases “for manpower pooling only”, “no fees in any form and/or purpose will be collected from the applicants”, and “beware of
illegal recruiters and human traffickers”, using large font in the advertisement; and

b. The advertisement shall specify the name, address and POEA license number of the agency, name and worksite of the prospective or accredited principal/employer, and the skill categories and qualification standards.

SECTION 70. Advertisement for Overseas Job Vacancies by Principals/Employers.

— Accredited principals/employers may advertise overseas job vacancies only through POEA-licensed recruitment agencies or through the Administration.

SECTION 71. Monitoring of Advertisements.

— The Administration shall monitor all advertisements, and non-compliant advertisements are considered as recruitment violations which shall be penalized in accordance with the schedule of offenses and penalties.

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