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Andrew Catibog

Think Big Act small Be you

Andrew Catibog Resume

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General Information

  • Position Desired Kitchen Supervisor/ LIne Cook
  • Slogan Think Big Act small Be you
  • Language English, Tagalog
  • Total Years of Experience 13 years
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Work Experience

Feb 2020 up to Present
Andengs Food House and Restaurant Chef

  • Setting up the Menu for the Restaurant including food costing
  • Making Prep Sheet for the Kitchen Crew
  • Overseeing the operation if the Restaurant is running smoothly
  • Coordinate with the guest if they have request or complaints
  • Managing the inventory

May 7, 2013 - May 19, 2019
Alshaya Trading Company Line Cook/ Commi 1

Job Description for meat cutting

 ·Wash and SanitizernHands before starting to work

·  Follow the Preparation sheet made by the Shift Manager

·  Cut the Meat according the the Restaurant steaks Specification

·  Removing the Silver skin of the Fillet before start cutting accordingly

·  Jaccard the Sirloin Steak and Striploin

·  Cut the Rib Eye Steaks according to sizes( 10 oz,12 oz,16 oz,24 oz)

·  Cut Beef Ribs for Smoked BBQ Fall of the bone Ribs

·   Cut Striploin steak (13 oz)remove excess fats 

·   Cut sirloin steaks 6, 8,11, and 16 ounces

·  Skewer the cubed trimmings from the steaks and marinate with kabab sauce

·  Skewer Chicken for Kabab and marinate

·   Butterfly Chicken Breast  and Jaccard  then marinate overnight

·   Clean and sanitize the working area before leaving the station

   Job Description / Duties and Responsibilities Broil Section 

·   Complies with all portion sizes, quality standards, department rules and policies.

·   Validate temperature of the steak  according tor the guest specification.

·   Check the temperature of the food that  all goes to the line.

·   Able to work in an open kitchen and from time to time will converse to the guest

·   Cut hand cut steaks according to Roadhouse specification

·   Plating the food according to the standard of the restaurant

·  Thawing the frozen product properly, following the FiFo system

·  Maintains proper cleaning and sanitation standards throughout the shift. 

Job description for Bakery Station


· Pre Heat the ovens to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

· Set the bread proffer

· Pull out the dough from the chiller to room temperature after an hour baste with egg wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds

· Make the dough, proof and cut 2x2x1 and proof again then bake it every after 5 mins  for the the freshly baked bread with honey cinnamon butter

· Make butters like honey cinnamon butter,whip Butter, Lemon Pepper Butter,Garlic Lemon pepper butter, and Cruotons Butter

·  Make Cruotons for the Salads

·   Make Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookie for the dessert

·   Bake Burger buns  and keeping station clean at all time

December 15, 2011 to February, 2013
Alex Grill an Restaurant Line Cook

Summary of Skills

Preparing and Cooking of Food in a high quality Manner and result

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