Erwin Langam

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Work Experience

June 2017 (on-going)
Capitol University English Faculty, Asst. Distance Learning Environment Coordinator, and Student Government Adviser

Faculty - Design and prepare teaching materials accordingrnto the different learning backgrounds and learning capacities of students; andrnplanning, assess, and recording learning tasks to multiple learners withrndifferent abilities and attitudes. 
Coordinator - 
Assist andrncollaborate the school principal in planning and designing of learningrnmaterials suited to the students’ different learning backgrounds with at leastrn2,000 learners. Give assessment to students with learning difficulties and plan interventions for learning opportunities. Providerntechnical and professional support and training to at least 80 faculty.
Student Body Advisor - Monitor, supervised, and approved students’rnactivities and engagement externally and internally that best fits the needs of learners. 

July 2016 - June 2017 English as Second Language Teacher 1

Provide and teach English language with the use of online modality to learners from different age groups; toddlers, teenagers, and adult professionals. Create engaging activity to foster knowledge in teaching English as second language.  

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