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Strives for excellence at every opportunity with 19 years of work history in different sections of Piping and Mechanical Material Coordination, Field Material Warehousing with an extensive background in developing site requirements and site preservation and preventive maintenance of equipment.

I have a complete understanding of the utilization of tracking receiving and issuing of equipment and materials to ensure accurate, timely, and cost-effective delivery to end users.

Work Experience

03/12/2015 – 25/10/2019
Hyundai Heavy Industries Material Controller & Preservation Supervisor

KNPC Clean Fuel Project MAB2 / Kuwait

Coordinate with logistics on incoming delivery torn warehouse and laydown areas.

Prepare (MRR) Material Receiving Report in Material Management System (MATMAN)

Prepare OS&D report for materials with discrepancies – Overages, Shortages, or Damages

Follow-up up with procurement and suppliers on OS&D statuses.

Receive (FMR) Field Material Requests from the subcontractor.

Generated Picking Ticket from Material Management System (MATMAN).

Coordinated with Sub Contractors on a collection of equipment and/or bulk materials.

Developed receiving purchase orders spreadsheet for materials that are not currently in the material management system (MATMAN).

Developed requirement purchasing descriptions for materials that required to be added to the material management system (MATMAN).

Coordinate with the Turnover team for equipment planned preservation based on input into MC Plus.

The turnover team produced data for schedule and checklist for Equipment such as Vessels, Motors, Transformers, Coolers, Valves, etc. based on manufacturer-recommended preservation practice and frequency.

Supervise, educate and train the preservation team on the process of preservation and preventive maintenance of every piece of equipment as per manufacturer recommendation and procedure.

Maintained preservation and preventive maintenance tracking records of all Mechanical equipment, while under care,custody, and control of material management.

Provide a copy of preservation documents to the corresponding sections.

Maintain inventory control over all commissioning & start-up and 1st-yearrn operational spares and special tools. 

15/03/2013 – 28/08/2014
Fluor Arabia Ltd. Material Management Specialist

Ma’aden/Alcoa Rolling Mill & Auto sheet Project / Saudi Arabia

Coordinate and receive daily deliveries.
Prepare (MRR) Material Receiving Report on material management system (MATMAN) for received items.
Prepare OS&D report for materials with discrepancies or damage.
Follow up OS&D Status.
Receive (FMR) Field Material Requests from the subcontractor.
Prepare picking tickets for issuance of materials.
Updating of spreadsheet for (FMR) Field Material Request, (MRR)rn Material Receiving Reports, Picking Ticket, (OS&D) Overages, Shortages, and Damages
Scanning, Email, and filing of FMR, MRR, Picking Tickets, OS&D.
Perform OPI (Open Package Inspection) on issued items with vendors and subcontractors
Coordinate with the contractor on priority materials that are needed for construction.
Coordinate with procurement team on material purchase order status.
Coordinate with a subcontractor on what material is needed torn complete the task.
Follow up on urgent and shortage materials.
Coordinate with the contractor material team in the warehouse on material status.
Coordinate with vendor for equipment delivery schedule.
Perform Open Package Inspection (OPI) of all vendor-supplied equipment.
Monitor Procurement Control Sheet for material ETA.
Monitor the Issuance of materials from the warehouse.
Attend weekly Procurement meetings and update of material action list.
Attend coordination meetings with planners and coordinators for material-related issues.

08/01/2011 – 08/07/2012
Jung-Ho E&C Piping Material Supervisor

Sonatrachrn GNL3Z LNG Project / Algeria

Coordinate with their planning department on priorities and schedule.

Review and Input isometric drawing new and with revisions.

Coordinate with construction on schedule.

Make Material Issue Request for pipes, fittings, bolts, gaskets, valves, instruments, andrn consumable materials.

Submit a request for the processing of the pull ticket.

After the pull ticket is made, I will double-check the items and the quantity listed versus the actual items before collection.

Put identity code or item code on the materials issued.

If there is any discrepancy or any material that is not available. I coordinate with the main contractor for eta.

Coordinate with construction for transport and material hauling.

Daily monitoring and updating all records of materials that were issued and materials that were not available and preparing reports.

Input received materials on the system and file the original copy from the main contractor.

19/05/2008 – 22/03/2010
Baeksuk Engineering Material Controller

Pearl GTL Project / Qatar

Coordinate with the construction and planning department on priorities and schedules.

Review isometric drawing and revisions.

Prepare a list of drawing numbers to be requested as per schedule.

Request for dispatch request slip.

Prepare the DRS for submission and material dispatch slip (MDS) pull ticket.

Review DRS slip versus MDS slip.

If there is any discrepancy like overage, shortages, or damage of material I will prepare an OS&D report and submit it to the main contractor for rectification. 

Check actual material versus the material dispatch slip prior torn collection and put identity code and line number if there is no proper identification written on the material.

Coordinate transportation for material hauling.

Prepare receiving copy for the receiver to sign after checking and receiving the materials on site. Input received materials on the system and file the original copy of the MDS together with DRS.

25/01/2004 – 11/01/2007
Daewoo Engineering and Construction Material Controller

Nigeria NLNG Train 4,5,6 LNG Project / Nigeria

Receive Material request from Sub-contractor and assign control number, check on our system to verify if the Material being requested is available, already issued, or not available from Main Contractor Material Control team.

Coordinate with Main Contractor Material Control Team in issuing materials for the project used by the Subcontractor.

Monitoring and coordination of schedule for incoming Materials from Main contractor Material control Team.

Supervise and assign Foreman and Riggers torn collect materials from the warehouse and lay down area.

Daily monitoring and updating all records of materials that were issued and materials that were not available and preparing reports.

By using our MS Access-based program, I can track and record all materials available and not available and priority materials also the schedule of when the materials will arrive based on the MTO (Material Take Off) and BOM (Bill of Material),

Updating the system when there is a new revision on the MTO.

Check all requests based on isometric drawing with updated revisions.

Attend weekly material meetings with the main contractor material manager for updates on material schedule, shortage materials, and priority materials.

Summary of Skills

Material Management
Inventory Management
Data Entry

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