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July 2022 / March 2023
Peoplelink Services Cooperatives Warehouse Operations Manager

- Maintains overall warehousing operations by initiating, coordinating,rnand enforcing operational procedures.
rn- Must ensure strict compliance to safety protocol and procedure.
rn- Ensure stock availability is within standards, maintain efficient inventoryrnlevels to meet daily production needs, and controls inventory levels byrnconducting physical counts; reconciling with the data storage system.
rn- Achieves business financial objectives by maintaining optimal operationsrn(facilities, manpower in accordance to prescribed budget per the warehouse.
rn- Maintains warehouse staff job results by coaching, counseling, andrndisciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.

November 2018 / June 2022
Mirof Resources Incorporated Warehouse Operations Manager

- Accomplishes warehouse operations human resource objectives byrnrecruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching,rncounseling, and disciplining employees; communicating job expectations;rnplanning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions; planning andrnreviewing compensation actions; enforcing policies and procedures.
rnAchieves warehouse operations operational objectives by contributing warehousernoperations information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews;rnpreparing and completing action plans; implementing production, productivity,rnquality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; completing audits;rnidentifying trends.
rnMeets warehouse operations financial objectives by forecasting requirements;rnpreparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances;rninitiating corrective actions.
rnDevelops warehouse operations systems by determining product handling andrnstorage requirements; developing, implementing, enforcing, and evaluatingrnpolicies and procedures; developing processes for receiving product, equipmentrnutilization, inventory management, and shipping.
rnDevelops warehouse design by planning layout, product flow, and productrnhandling systems; evaluating and recommending new equipment.
rnDevelops warehouse operations system improvements by analyzing process workrnflow, manning and space requirements, and equipment layout; implementingrnchanges.
rnMaintains safe and healthy work environment by establishing, following, andrnenforcing standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations.
rnSecures property by developing protection and access policies and procedures;rncoordinating patrols with security department.
rnUpdates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; readingrnprofessional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating inrnprofessional organizations.
rnAccomplishes warehouse operations and organization mission by completingrnrelated results as needed.

October 2015 / October 2018
Southern Can Making Company Ltd | Saudi Arabia Quality Control Supervisor

Direct supervisesrnsubordinates in the Quality Assurance Department and carries out supervisorrnresponsibilities in accordance with the ISO standard; ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) andrnISO 22000:2005 (FSMS).
rnReview and analyze daily process capability (Cpk) of product.
rnLead cross functional team in investigation and analysis of Quality problemrnusing problem solving method (8D).
rnRecommends measures to improve inspection methods, equipment performance andrnquality of product. Analyzes and resolves, or assist production and engineeringrnteam in solving work problems.
rnReview and analyze test reports issued by the Quality Laboratory technician.
rnImplementation and support for internal and external audits.
rnTraining and awareness of employees on Quality Assurance and Food Safety.
rnCoaching shop floor personnel on successful implementation of One PointrnLessons.



April 2012 / October 2015
Philippine Manufacturing Company of Murata Inc. Production Executive 2

Production Planning and Control:
- Prepare and implement 3monthsrnproduction plan considering 4M (Manpower allocation, No. of machine to be used,rnMaterial and Method).
- Supervise implementation ofrnproduction plan and schedule; monitor and take appropriate action onrnproblematic areas within assigned production line in order to ensurernmaximization of resources and compliance with established control measures.
- Establish and maintain goodrnrelationship within section (Cross Functional Team – CFT).
- Establish good organizationalrnstructure; delegates responsibilities for people empowerment.
- Builds team spirit andrnmotivation within section by recognizing and feedback both outstanding and poorrnjob performance
- Makes effective communicationrnas tool in maintaining a production working environment. Conduct regularrnability and performance evaluation; provides counseling to sub-ordinates and/orrnrefer to Human Resource section when necessary. rn
- Establishes and monitorsrnperformance indices based on company’s department objectives; establishesrnbudget control to manage waste and reduce production cost.
- Initiates, implements andrnconfirms cost down activities/projects. Ensures that there are sufficientrnmaterials and supplies available for production.
rnQuality and Safety Control:
- Conduct Risk Assessment onrnthe production that would concern with safety; Review the Standard proceduresrnregularly to prevent occurrence of quality problem.

September 2008 / April 2012
Integrated Microelectronics Incorporated Production Supervisor

Production Planning and control: Supervise implementation of productionrnplan and schedules; Check and control allocation of manpower, equipment andrnmaterial resources; monitor and take appropriate action on problematic areasrnwithin assigned production line in order to ensure maximization of resourcesrnand compliance with established control measures.
rnProduction Monitoring: Validate, integrate, analyze and interpret data; preparernreports, identify areas of concern, communicate, recommend and implementrncorrective measures and strategies for assigned lines of production in order tornensure that production standards and objectives achieved.
rnProcess Improvement: Implement preventive measures; participate and/or conductrnroot cause analysis; develop and implement corrective measures; coordinate withrnconcerned parties in order to ensure that production standards and objectivesrnare achieved.
rnTechnical Support and Supervision: Oversee and take immediate action onrntechnical concerns affecting the assigned production line; coordinate withrnconcerned parties on technical maintenance requirements of machines in order tornensure that acceptable level of machine efficiency is achieved within assignedrnproduction area.
rnReports Generation: Validate, integrate and interpret data and information;rncomply with defined deadlines for submission of reports ensuring completenessrnand accuracy of data as basis for decision making.
rnSupervision: Monitor, supervise and evaluate subordinates’ performance; discussrnperformance; discuss performance results with subordinates; coach, counsel andrnrecommend disciplinary action as necessary; implement performance measures andrncontrols; recommend training programs in order to efficiently align staffrnperformance with the overall objectives of the department.

June 2007 / June 2008
Meadville-Aspocomp Electronics Process Engineer

- Responsible in A3rnExpansion/set-up and machine transfer from existing plant to new building ofrnAspocomp China. 
- Production support for thernexisting plant of Aspocomp China and responsible for the improvement of OuterrnLayer process with regards to Quality, Productivity, Cost Reduction and On-TimernDelivery.
- Define process capabilityrnroadmap and reach the roadmap target.
- Define and develop thernprocess improvement using quality tools (DOE, FMEA, fishbone, etc…Sixrnsigma/project methodologies) and make sure this process engineering team willrnproperly use it to improve process issues.
- Perform evaluation ofrnincoming Material to be use in the production area.
- Improved process yield byrnhandling project for six sigma actual training.
- Conduct improvement plan byrnapplying six sigma approaches.
- Basic knowledge in Mini-tabrnsoftware use for statistical analyses.

March 2005 - May 2007
Ibiden Philippines Incorporated Manufacturing Engineer 1

o   Generate Kaizen/improvementrnactivities pertaining to Productivity, Quality, Cost, Safety, Delivery, andrnMachine improvements.
rno   Generation and dissemination of OnernPoint Lesson (OPL).
rno   Propose corrective action on thernre-occurring of machine trouble causing sheet-outs.
rno   Verifies machine trouble root causernand the corrective/preventive actions made by the facility group.
rno   Join Autonomous Maintenancernactivities as part of skills enhancement program.
rno   Generation, monitoring and checkingrnof Quality components map for sheet-out prevention.
rno   Coordinates with Process Engineeringrnand Facility group regarding quality and machine related issues affecting thernyield.
rno   Maintains an awareness andrnobservation of Environment, Safety and Health.
rno   Maintain and practices 5’S in thernarea.
rno   Conduct training for the newly hirernengineer regarding FCBGA process flow.
rno  Carries out any other duties asrnrequested and required by the immediate superior and as required by thernposition.

Jul 2002 / February 2005
Itabashi Seiki Philippines Inc. Production Engineer

I.  General Responsibilities
rn               Assists Section Head/Supervisorrnin the management the activities of operators by performing some administrativernfunction.
rnII. Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
rn·   Fully responsible for the Efficiency,rnQuality and Manpower performance of the shift /section.
rn·   Assist and monitor productionrnoperation.
rn·   Ensure M/C parameters and set-up isrnin required specifications.
rn·   Ensure necessary check sheets andrnreports are on time and properly filled up by subordinates.
rn·   Lead and motivaternoperators/inspectors for better performance.
rn·   Comply with Production Controlrnrequirements for delivery status.
rn·   Assist the Line Leader/Supervisor forrnstrict compliance of manufacturing standard operation.
rn·   Ensure orderliness and housekeepingrnat production area.
rn·   Endorse properly to next shift anyrnhighlights and important matter.
rn·   Conduct shift meeting together withrnthe Line Leaders.
rn·   Prepare/Analyze and resolve QualityrnProblem Notification of respective shift.

Summary of Skills

Had experienced in different department in manufacturing from production, process engineer to quality that would help to improve process operations.
Computer Literate

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