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CNC CABINET MAKER with 3 years and 3 months Operate machine and doing the process of manufacturing / production from Design, Build to Finishes and Install all kinds of cabinet.

CAD ENGINEER / CAD OPERATOR ON SITE with 6 years My duties as cad engineer and responsibility are from excavation to construct/build and to the finishing, check every plan of the building architectural, structural, specification and mechanical, electrical, plumbing.

CAD/CAM Engineer with 3 years My Duties and Responsibilities making CAD/CAM drawing from the costumers then checking the cad file/drawing and I do in CAM file to cnc data  then check the CAM file and cnc data then send it to factory in japan for laser cutting, and estimate materials for costumers, I do nesting files, graphics files, and teach to new comer/employee, supervise. As a cad engineer I do a lot of CAM data/file to cnc data. We responsible to send all the cam data and cnc data everyday, follow rules and regulation in the company

CNC Laser Machine Operator with 1 year and 3 months I trained to operate machine for about one week and I learn how to operate machine and handle it and within that period I learn two machine model AMADA Lc-2415 III NT and AMADA FD-3015 NT and this is the hardest part the control panel are in nihonggo languages but I learned it and I learned maintenance of machine, troubleshooting and the process of production.




Technological Institute of the Philippines, Aurora Blvd. Cubao, Q.C. Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Year 1991 I took Drafting Technology in the same university but I did not finished, so I shift it to BS Architecture from 1992 to 1998 I on my 5th year level but I did not finished because of lack of financial support. 

Work Experience

September 2014 to December 2017) (3 years 3 months)

Machine Handled:               

-HOMAG WEEKE VANTECH 512 CNC Routers StilesrnMachinery, 

-Table saw, miter saw, Circular saw

-HOMAG WEEKE VANTECH Edge Banding Machine

                                Materials              Melamine, Maple, MDF, Walnut,rnMarine,

                                                                Birchrnply, Teak, Wenge and all other plyboard.

                                Size                         4x8, 4x10, 4x12, 5x10,rn5x12

                                Thickness              3/4”, 11/16”, 5/8”                                             

Duties andrnResponsibilities:

KW Woodwork hasrnspecialized in custom woodworks interior, delivering fineness & carefullyrncrafted cabinetry to residential and commercial establishments in CaymanrnIslands. We have created a reputation for quality assured by a team ofrnspecialist who stands behind every project, from design, accurate constructionrnto professional installation.

The goal is tornproduce exceptional products of enduring beauty & functionality thatrnfulfill the expectation, providing comfortable, luxurious & functionalrnenvironment that suits the needs of clients.

            As a cnc operator / cabinet maker / carpenter, mostly I operate machine, routingrnmachine, edge bander machine, assemble cabinet, rnfirst thing I do cleaning on my work area in the shop then clean thernmachine get the files for cutting check the materials and then prepare thernmaterials for cutting. Preparing gluing/laminated finishes, and to ensure/checkrnall the manufactured product are maintaned or improved to meet the eyes of thernclients, and I do checking all stocks/supply/inventory plyboard, laminatedrnsheets, hardwares, accessories. Put label/stickers in every finish parts/rnproducts, put marks on it, when it’s done put every parts in the carts for edgernbanding. I do edge banding. I do assemble cabinet boxes and drawers. InstallrnCabinet boxes, Deliver cabinet boxes, and rnPurchase some materials needed, i maintain cleanliness in my workrnstation and in the end of the month we have maintenance of the machine cleanrndust and other dirt on the machine, we oiling and greasing mechanical parts.rnand I enjoy this kind of field.


Operate machine and handle it, and doing the processrnof production from Design, Build to Finishes and Install all kinds of cabinet.

Summary of Skills

Planning, designing, presentation drawing both manual drafting and computer aided drawing, shop drawings. tPlanning, designing, presentation drawing both manual drafting and computer aided drawing, shop drawings.


MicroCADD Technologies Co. (05/03-20/1999 )

Autocad release 14/2000rnwith color rendering
Autodesk Training Center                                                                                                                    

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