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Bobby Grageda Alabat


BobbyG. Alabat – H.E.O-Excavator Operator

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General Information

  • Position Desired Heavy Equipment Operator-Excavator Operator
  • Slogan none
  • Highest Degree Level Completed Vocational/Short Course
  • Language English and Basic Nihongo
  • Total Years of Experience 11
  • Expected Salary 1500 USD
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Hi I’m Bobby G. Alabat and I’m from Bicol. In my current job as Heavy Equipment Operator – Excavator from MC Construction Co., Ltd., Japan.  I handle the operations of various large heavy equipment machines including loader; backhoe excavator, loader; wheel excavator, payloader, and bulldozer with accident-free records. I am well trained at handling large machinery and adhere to all safety standards. I’m proud to have received a SAFETY and QUALITY AWARD for my care and abilities by SAMSUNG C&T Engineering and Construction Group. I would love the chance to bring this skill and dedication to work to your client \ partner company as your new Heavy Equipment Operator.


January-April 2011t
Automotive Servicing NCI, TESDA Vocational Certificate, TESDA

I completed my vocational course as AUTOMATIVE SERVICING NCI, TESDA REGION V | April 04, 2011 |

Provincial Training Center-Guinobatan, Albay

HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR OPERATOR NC II | August 25, 2012 |ACEL-Association of Carriers & Equipment Lessors, Inc. - TESDA accredited

Phinma Property Holding Corporation, Solano Hills Project    Site, Km. 19 West Service rd. Villongco Rd.,Sucat, Muntinlupa City.

 WHEEL LOADER OPERATOR NC II | August 25, 2012 |ACEL-Association of Carriers & Equipment Lessors, Inc. - TESDA accredited

Phinma Property Holding Corporation,Solano Hills ProjectrnSite. 19   West Service rd. VillongcornRd., Sucat, Muntinlupa City,


Work Experience

Jan 26-July 31, 2019
Agility Manpower Solution Heavy Equipment Operator - Excavator Operator

    2019 - DemolitionrnProject. Hammatsu-shi, Japan

  • Operated excavator andrn other construction equipment machines to perform demolition work adheredrn to work safety codes.
  • Cleared debris, trash andrn hazardous materials from assigned site to prepared it for renovation
  • Load and unloadrn construction materials, waste and other heavy objects from trucks and intorn dumpsters
  • Follow verbal and handrn signals of fellow crew members in positioning loads and coordinating movementrn with other onsite activity
  • Practice safety in everyrn move, estimating weights and distances, being fully aware of thern surroundings to minimize hazards and immediately report any injuries orrn damage to the supervisor

April 2013 - 2017
Direct Hire from GREEN STATION LLC.,. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Excavator/ Wheel Excavator/Wheel Loader Operator

·      2015 - 2017 - NewrnUlaanbaatar International Airport Construction Project (NUBIA) Khushigt Valley,rnTuv Province, Mongolia

·      2014 - RailwayrnProject. Ukhaa-khudag in Tsogttsetsii sum to Gashuun-Sukhair border port inrnKhanbogd sum in Umnugovi Province (217.9km).

2013 - Road Contruction Project ofrnChoir-Saishand. (50km-90km). Halla Engineering and Contruction Corp

Summary of Skills

Bobby Grageda Alabat


SAFETY AND QUALITY AWARD (October 07, 2014 | )

Awarded as SAFETY AND QUALITY AWARD October 07, 2014 by

SAMSUNG C&T Engineering & Construction Group, 

Samsung New Ulaanbaatar International Airport Project,rnUlaanbaatar, Mongolia


Awarded as FIRST HONOR in ELEMENTARY NIHONGO Aug 31, 2018  by

ROE ABBOT Training anddrnDevelopment Institute, Inc.

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