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Arnold Mendoza Ramirez

Arnold Ramirez

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General Information

  • Position Desired Sales Associate/ Store Sales Manager/ Admin Assistant/ Fitness Instructor
  • Total Years of Experience 5 Years
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Arnold Ramirez, 26 years of age that is willing to take all the opportunities in life to improve myself and help any company who’s gonna take me in to their process.

Willing to explore different kind of roles and opportunities.

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Jai Guru Dev.

Work Experience

Viatores Travel and Tours Co. IT Technical Support

As an IT Technical Support, I am responsiblernfor maintaining the good condition of all the computers in the office. I amrnalso the one who handles the Info account of the IT Department for answeringrninquiries and support from other department. I am doing a lot of extra worksrnwhen I was in this work. I do answer also inquiries of clients for booking, Irndo process their documents as well. I also compile all the papers andrndocuments.  

Amberbase Solutions Inc. IT Facilities Officer

As an IT Facilities Officer, I am responsiblernfor checking the connections of all the computers in the Admin Office andrnClients Office. I do also email clients for any concern or challenges. I dornprocess the documents for reporting any problem in the office on anyrndepartment.

Kamal Osman Jamjoom Store Manager

As a Store Manager, I am the most responsiblernone in the shop at any cause. I do the stocks order from supplier and CompanyrnWH. Maintaining the best standard of the store. Filing and process all therndocuments needed by the store and the staffs. Maintaining the good percentagernof the sale score (%) of the store versus monthly target and monitoring salesrnpercentage versus the annual.  Added tornthat as a Store Manager you are the leader and you need to show the staff onrnhow to work and how to act that you care in everything that you will do.

2019 to Present
Cornersteel Systems Corporation Admin/Facilities and Client Services Assistant

As part of the Admin Department, my main jobrnis to implement solution in any challenge that will occur in all operations perrndepartment. My tasks in this field are quite challenging, I am also involved inrnengineering and electrical as well. Negotiating with vendors, suppliers andrntenants are also a part of my daily tasks. Processing of application forrnBusiness Permits, Sanitary, Fire and RETR’s are also part of my tasks.rnWarehouse Inventory is day to day task for me before and after shift tornproperly monitor the stocks.

I am the current safety officer of thernfacility and my main task is to maintain that we are following safety protocolsrnthat are implemented to each establishment.

Summary of Skills

(Computer Skills) 1. Structured Cabling 2. Network Configuration 3. Web Design HTML 4. UBUNTU Software 5. MS Office (Technical Skills) 1. Structured Cabling 2. Basic Electrical Planning 3. UPS Monitoring Skills 4. ACU Distribution Planning (Management Skills) 1. Administration and Management (Additional Skills) 1. Visual Merchandising 2. Marketing Strategy Skills


Basic Drawing and Vector Editing (2014 )

Awarded by University of Rizal System

3D Modeling (2013 )

Awarded by University of Rizal System 

Outstanding Sales Associate (FY 2016-2018 )

Awarded by Kamal Osman Jamjoom

Outstanding Sales Manager (2018-2019 )

Awarded by Kamal Osman Jamjoom 


Awarded by ASPREC-MANALO Occupational Safety andrnHealth Department of Labor and Employment

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