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Good Day, I am Julio Allam Dayag Jr, a nurse by profession. I have been a registered nurse since 2010 and have been practicing nursing for more than nine years now, with 3 years locally and more than 6 years abroad. Most of my exposures were from emergency and OPD, with some from Medical-Surgical area/ward.


Isabela State University - Ilagan College Graduate

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Work Experience

December 10, 2013- May 15, 2017
S&D Manpower Agency Staff Nurse - Emergency

Al Rai Medical Center - Dammam KSA

Responsibilities and Job Description: rn
rn•tGather and collect data from the patient or to the relatives of the patient likewise, assessment through taking initial vital signs, like temperature blood pressure reading, pulse oximetry, PR, RR etc.;rn
rn•tImplementation of sorting patients in accordance of their needs and cases;rn
rn•tProvide independent nursing procedures and first aids like, oxygenation, positioning, TSB, wound cleansing and others while the waiting for the doctors on duty for further medical intervention and evaluation.rn
rn•tProvide emergency care procedures as per doctor’s order like IV insertion intramuscular injection, giving suppositories, rn
rn•tCoordinates with other paramedical staff for other medical needs like laboratory and radiology department in case the patient is alone and needs further evaluation on his medical condition;rn
rn•tAssist the doctor on any medical procedures like circumcision, suturing, incision and drainage and other minor surgical procedure that can be done in emergency area;rn
rn•tInform and educate the patient or the relatives about the doctor’s order like medication or other special order like laboratories and diet;rn
rn•tAssist in transfer and recommendation as well as to provide ambulance health assistance in emergency cases that needs to be transfer from bigger and more advance health institution,

January 2018 - August 200
MSL Star Human Resources Corporation Staff Nurse

Al-Shefa Medical Polyclinic - Abqaiq  KSA 

Responsibilities and Job Description:
rn• Attends to any patient’s or worker’s complaint, assess and provide necessary health measures to alleviate certain medical health condition like fever, dizziness or body weakness. Provision of rest as instructed to patient,
rn• Responsible for the promotion of strategies to minimize accidents and hazard related activities within the working environment,
rn• Coordinate health care services for injured workers and counsel workers about non-occupational injuries,
rn• Facilitates in effective communication between injured workers and the management.
rn• Ensure safety standards and procedures are met, and identify the potential safety hazards in the environment,
rn• Observe and assess the work environment and the workers, evaluating whether their work puts their health of safety is at risk,
rn• Physically examine the workers, take their medical history, review past medical backgrounds which could affect their standard of work of their overall health condition,
rn• Investigates and analyzes injury trends, research for any possible occupational hazards, and collaborate with safety teams and managers,
rn• Duties include also managing medical records, creating emergency workplace, preparedness plans and evaluating health care delivery system,
rn• Respond to any work-related injury, providing basic or advance standard of medical first aid like wound dressing and cleaning, treating minor burns or fainting,
rn• Assist in the transfer of patient to a higher medical health facility, while attends on providing health measures in saving the patient until it reaches the facility.

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