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Christian Van Patrick L. Piedad

Mechanical Engineer/Mechanical Supervisor/Maintenance Engineer

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General Information

  • Position Desired Mechanical Engineer/Mechanical Supervisor/Maintenance Engineer
  • Highest Degree Level Graduated from College
  • Language English, Filipino
  • Religion Other
  • Total Years of Experience 7.8
  • Expected Salary 2,000 USD
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Work Experience

May 14, 2019 - Current
Agusan Power Corporation Maintenancen Engineer - Mechanical

• Monitors subcontractor 69KV transmission lines rectification

• Supervise the activities of worker in insulation resistance test and make test report at Stator, generator rotor, exciter rotor and exciter stator

• Makes work permit for the weekly activities of workers at Powerhouse

• Supervise the safe execution of all mechanical – preventative, corrective and conditioned-

based maintenance activities.

 • Develop equipment modifications or replacements as needed to correct equipment malfunction or to optimize the operation, reliability and safety of hydroelectric generating units and related equipment

 • Ensure system commissioning, functional testing, documentation, and operator training of newly installed or modified equipment

 • Develop and maintain an effective and efficient maintenance program for all mechanical equipment

 • Document maintenance criteria, schedules and procedures for hydroelectric generating units and related equipment

 • Provide budget requirements, scheduling, and managements projects

 • Optimize preventative maintenance frequency based upon industry best practices and historical assets data    

•Prepare request for proposals, bid documents and specification of equipment, tools and materials

•Provide technical assistance and support to crews performing maintenance, trouble shooting, repair, modification, or installation of work

•Provide engineering assistance to other business units in the resolutions of problems arising from daily activities

•Manage work by consultants, contractors, and other personnel

•Serve as the Mechanical Engineer of the maintenance as well as the Power Plant as a whole

•Review completed work orders and make appropriate modifications to the job plans, Preventive maintenance, or asset as needed

•Develop and administer the predictive maintenance and condition-based programs

•Provide Mechanical Engineering expertise while serving in a lead capacity for the maintenance, repair, modification, and replacement of hydroelectric mechanical equipment

•Support the Asset Management and Maintenance optimization initiatives

•Provide design review and analysis of work performed by consulting engineers or others

•Analyze the root cause of equipment malfunctions and excessive equipment maintenance requirements

August 3, 2018 – November 20, 2018
Department of Public works and highways Engineering Assistant - Mechanical

•Shall ensure the upkeep of all Basic Highway Maintenance Equipment

•Shall prepare the Annual Preventive Maintenance and Job Orders

•Shall perform the duties and responsibilities appurtenant to the position

•Prepare Pre and Post Inspection report for the rotating and static equipment

March 15, 2015 – March 21, 2017
Geumhwa PSC. LTD Mechanical Engineer

•Provides Technical support during erection, and fit-up of condenser parts such as shell, transition, expansion joints, extended neck, feedwater heaters, pipes, nozzles and supports

•Prepare and review drawing to ensure the proper orientation, level, verticality, and alignment of condenser as per specifications

•Monitors and assists the execution of site works based on plans and specifications with field

•Monitoring completion of activities in the site accordance with the specified schedule

•Makes daily report, line checking and updates total work volume

•Prepare Working Permit for the activities of condensers and ensure strict compliance

•Prepare work notification documents for inspection

•Monitors and assists during hydro testing of condenser in shell, transition, and extended neck

•Makes release welding material document for welder use in the site

•Coordinate activities with Construction, Installation, and Commissioning units

June 30, 2013 – March 26, 2014
Daewoo Engineering and Construction Mechanical Supervisor

• Supervises and assists during alignment, bolt tightening, belt installation and tensioning,      installation of acoustic cover and installation of pulley guard of air fin cooler

• Witness during inspection of alignment, bolt tensioning, belt tensioning and final visual   inspection

• Makes a document work release to electrical department for solo run activity

• Performed in mechanical running test through measuring the structure amplitude of vibration, motor vibration velocity, fan speed (rpm), noise, motor and fan bearing temperature of air fin cooler by using instruments

• Update daily work status and activities of air fin cooler, cladding for shelter and steel structure

• Makes request for inspection in pre-pour and post pour for bolt joint of steel structure in fire proofing

• Makes a document work release of hoist beam for painting and inspection activity

• Coordinates with counterpart supervisors for daily activities, incoming inspection, and material request to be use in job site 

December 30, 2012 – January 31, 2013
IWI LTD Mechanical Engineer

•Responsible for making a Notification of Inspection for steel structural such as inspection of pad, column plumbs, bolt tensioning, surfaces and pouring of cement in the foundation

•Responsible for making a Notification of Inspection for mechanical in rotating and static equipment

•Supervises activities during erection and alignment of rotating and static equipment

August 16, 2012 – December 29, 2012
IWI LTD Mechanical Engineer

•Monitors and assists the execution of site works based on plans and specifications with field

•Supervises activities during erection and alignment of rotating and static equipment

•Responsible for making a Construction permit and Commissioning permit to work in utility, heat exchangers, cooling water, urea granulation and urea synthesis

•Checked all incoming and outgoing punch list for the balance remaining in mechanical works

•Responsible for preparing a general toolbox meeting for attendance and overtime request

July 14, 2010 – July 30, 2012
Bacavalley Energy Incorporated Plant Safety/Mechanical Engineer

•Supervises activities of power plant personnel in operation and maintenance

•Checks and ensures power plant for proper and safety operations in electrical and mechanical equipment

•Makes reports for the update of power plant, incidents report and request letter for the personal protective equipment of employees

•Trains new and transferred employees for proper operation in Jenbacher gas engines and substation


•Coordinates with other plant supervisors for the upcoming maintenance schedules, repairs, and emergency shutdown in the power plant

Gas Processing

•Monitors the percentage volume of Methane and Oxygen in the Human Machine Interface, portable analyzer, and free-standing rack gas analyzer

•Monitors the condition of gas wells, main line pipes, control valves and knockout pot if there is an existing amount of oxygen that causes ignition or fire in the system

•Assists in the erection of gas processing unit such as heat exchangers, mechanical filters, chillers, rotary twin-lobe blowers, flare stock and pipes

•Operates and maintains the gas delivering unit through the human machine interface and control panel

•Operates compressor unit for the pneumatic pump in the gas wells (Screw type compressor, SULL AIR 30HP)

•Participates in a major shutdown during maintenance and repair of gas processing unit

Jenbacher Gas Engines

•Observes in the installation and erection of Jenbacher gas engines such as air blower, mini cooling tower, silencer or muffler, exhaust gas and pipes

•Operates and maintains the four Jenbacher gas engines J320 with a capacity ofrn4.212 Mega Watts



•Operates and/or switches the high voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear

•Witness the two transformers during testing of insulation with a capacity ofrn5000KVA

•Witness the testing of insulation of high voltage and low voltage switchgear

•Monitors the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and metering station for Meralco export grid of the generating power

Summary of Skills

• Highly self-motivated, can work independently with less supervision, hardworking • Computer literate in Micro Soft, Excel and Power Point • Has knowledge on instrumentation part especially on wire diagram connection of the control panel • Operate Butt welding and Extruder for the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe

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