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Miles C. Trocio III

Miles Updated Resume

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General Information

  • Position Desired Mechanical Engineer
  • Highest Degree Level Graduated from College
  • Language Bisaya, Tagalog, English, Surigaonon
  • Religion Catholic/Christian
  • Total Years of Experience 5
  • Expected Salary 150000
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Work Experience

February 2019-Present
GALEO EQUIPMENT CORPORATION : Maintenance Planner of Heavy Equipments

Ø  Ensure Preventive maintenancernservice is maintained to a standard and serviced on time.

Ø  Develop, manage andrnmaintain a comprehensive database of plant maintenance template and generic andrnhistorical data.

Ø  Ensure all backlogsrncapture have been order and once available will be forwarded to the PMS/rnrunning repair section for installation during the PM service or on opportunityrnmaintenance window.

Ø  Maintain and updating ofrnBacklog worksheet for Planned repair implementation.

Ø  Plans and forecastrnrequired PMS parts, materials and supplies whole year-round consumption

Ø  Initiate spare partsrnPlanning and ordering scheme.

Ø  Ensure the planning,rnupdating & scheduling of Component Change Out for all Equipment (CCO)rnand/or Rebuild/Refurbishment Center (RBF) are timely executed.       

Ø  Maintain upkeep andrnmachine maintenance history recording to monitor performance.

Ø  Coordinate with thernLogistics to achieve timely arrival of spare parts.

Ø  Monitor accomplishmentsrnat Shop and field section.

Ø  Prepare and submitrndaily, weekly and monthly reports before deadline.

Ø  Always plan andrnimplement maintenance to ensure the 85% Mechanical Availability.

Ø  Prepares PreventivernMaintenance plan for all type of Equipment ahead of the schedule.

Ø  Prepare strategicrnplanning in major and minor component change outs for all KOMATSU,HITACHI,VOLVO,CATERPILLAR machines.

Ø  Will act as thernOfficer-in-charge during the absence of Supervisors.

Ø  Performs other assignedrntasks as requested or directed by the immediate superior and or the management.  

March 16, 2017-September 18, 2017
ATLAS FERTILIZER CORPORATION General Affairs Supervisors (For Transportation Maintenance & Guest Relation)

Job Mission

Oversee the daily activities, workload of personnel and ensures safe and efficient transportation        

Key Result Areas

1.      Vehicle Maintenance

2.      Guests Assistance

3.     Supervisor

IV. Duties andrnResponsibilities


      Vehicle Maintenance andrnMonitoring

1.     Prepares driver's assignments

2.      Ensure compliance with safety standards and maintains all vehicles in top working conditions

3.      Deals and addresses customer complaints.

4.      Supervises employee performance.

       Guests Assistance

1.      Arranges transportation, accommodation, refreshments, food requirement of company personnel and guests.

2.      Inform guests,VIP's their assigned vehicle, driver, accommodation, whom to contact in case of other needs, emergency contacts (complete information of their itinerary)

3.      Receive visitors. 


1.      Provides horizontal support to other staff members if needed.

2.      Assists with planning and coordinating of special events and outreach activities.

3.      Performs other related task from time to time. 

V. Complexity of Work          


Ø  Work requires minor problem-solving techniques which require relatively simple analysis for solution. 


Ø  The job requires interaction with entities outside the company for the benefit of the department of the company.   

January 2016 -March 2017 & September 2017- February 2019
FRASEC VENTURES CORPORATION Maintenance Planner of Light & Heavy Equipment’s


·    This job is responsible in monitoring and consolidating the operational data of light and heavy equipment for maintenance planning use especially in analyzing equipment performance.Responsible in maintaining and updating of computerized individual equipment history record of light and heavy equipment.

Duties & Responsibilities

1.Plans and schedule the daily, weekly and monthly servicing and inspection of the company’s light and heavy equipment.

2.Monitoring and tracking-down the life span and cost per hour of Dozer and Excavator track groups and GET parts, tires of wheel type units,battery, newly overhauled power train component, hydraulic hoses, pumps,packing seals, linings and others. 

3. Conducts ocular inspection of all mobile and stationary equipment to gather information of its performance and efficiency.

4. Updates and maintains individual equipment history records for future references and timely scheduling of preventive maintenance, repair and servicing.Posts/encodes all pm and repair activities done on every equipment, such as parts replacement, lube consumption, battery and tire replacement and others.

5. Collect oil sample for laboratory analysis and establish wear metal trending.

6. Analyzes and evaluates parts wear trending for replacement and recommends corrective action to minimize cost.

7. Records the daily equipment repair accomplishment such as mechanical, electrical, air-conditioning system, lubrication, tire replacement and battery replacement activities on a per shift basis.

8. Records the daily accumulated running hours of equipment and every during equipment breakdown for equipment performance, productivity and parts cost analysis.

9. Make and/or receive job order for light and heavy equipment during every repair or servicing as basis or reference for parts withdrawal and or ordering of required parts.

10. Prepares and submits daily status report and monthly equipment performance reports as follows:

· Equipment availability

· Repairs and Maintenance Expenses

· Lube Consumption

· Equipment Running Hours

· Tire Usage, etc.

1. Provides the President, VP for Operation, MANCOM members, Equipment Maintenance Manager, Project Manager, Central Maintenance Planner and other concerned personnel various reports related to light and heavy equipment maintenance for control and monitoring purposes.

2. Participates in the development and review of an annual maintenance planning and budgeting.

3. Performs other related duties as maybe required by the position.

Greatest Challenge:

Full implementation of “Repair before Failure” maintenance program.

May 2014 -June 2014
Carmen Copper Corporation Lights & Heavy Equipment’s Maintenance & Repair (Mechanic)- OJT

1.) Assist the chief mechanic in the resealing of the final drivernof KOMATSU rigid dump trucks (150 tonners).

2.) Assist in repairing derailed backhoes & bulldozers on sitern(running repair)

3.) Assist in the overhauling of payloaders, backhoes, dump trucks,rnbulldozers.

4.) Practicing how to measure a machine component with properrnhandling of the precision instruments.

5.) Trained on how to implement preventive maintenance planningrn& corrective maintenance on the Heavy equipment department.

6.) Gather the Daily Equipment Status and plans the Greasingrnschedule of all mobile equipment’s units onsite (CCC).

7.) Measuring all dimensions, clearances, tolerances, &rnfittings of an assembled machine for releasing it to the respective department.


6th Placer (Team Category) Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2015 (March 1, 2015 )

I participated in the event Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2015 with my team (TEKNOY), we ranked up 6th in the Alternative Fuel Category and also ranked 1st in the Gas to Liquid Category in the recently concluded Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2015 held at the Luneta Park, Manila, Philippines last February 26 – March 1, 2015. Our team was the only Filipino team that qualified in the Alternative Fuel Category.

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