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Arjay Guevarra

CV_Arjay Guevarra (Electrical Engineer)_Sept.2022

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An Electrical Engineering Professional and have successfully completed various Commercial Infrastructure Projects involving Building Construction, High Rise Residential Condominiums, BPO (Business process outsourcing buildings), Hotel & Restaurants and Office building establishments including associated Substation & Power Centers for clients such as Ayala Land Corp., SM Development Corp. (SMDC), Fairview Center Mall tenants, Academic Institutions among others.

Over the years, have efficiently executed Electrical Construction supervision, QA/QC and Inspection activities (with MEPFS) involving main electrical equipment such as Transformers, MCC, Busduct, Cable Termination and Support, Main Distribution Panels, SMDBs, lighting fixtures, power outlets, smoke and gas detectors, sound alarms, UPS, junction box, conduits (electrical piping), cable trays, bracket and supports, PVC conduit/piping, Electrical cable pulling activities and terminations (Power, Lighting and Grounding); electrical testing & commissioning up to as-built and project hand-over.

Roles Previously Handled:

  • QA/QC Engineer – Electrical
  • Site (Construction) Electrical Engineer
  • Inspector – MEPFS (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Firefighting system)


> Able to interpret MEPFS construction drawings – Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Plumbing & Firefighting systems.

> Coordination and attend meetings with project leads, client, vendor and contractors and other site engineers.

> Monitor, control and plan assigned project resources such as man-hour, schedule, references and deliverables.

> Ensure company’s Quality Management System and related procedures are implemented in all phases of the project.

> Assist factory/vendors during engineering, production, internal testing of equipment, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), and Site Acceptance Test (SAT). Perform and Supervision of Testing and Commissioning.

> Monitor and expedite site fabrication activities, inspection, supply, and timely delivery to the construction site.

> Engineer in-charge of site implementation of all construction activities such as but not limited to:

> Act as focal point and answer technical query regarding construction activities and discipline clashing.

> Site Inspection, Progress Monitoring, Red Line Mark Ups for As Built Purposes.

> Supervision of installation of Electrical Equipment, roughing-ins and pipe laying (provision) prior to concrete slabbing (MEPFS), wiring & termination activities to devices, panel boards, material fabrication & shop drawings.

> Support the Client Completions Team for punch listing and pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.

> Perform on-site electrical estimation for scheduled electrical installations and materials requests for delivery.


Central Colleges of the Philipppines BS in Electrical Engineering

PROFESSIONAL LICENCES (PRC-Board of Electrical Engineering):

RME, awarded by the PRC-Professional Regulations Commission, Philippines 


·   Registered Professional - Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), Philippines

·   Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE Phils.)

Work Experience

September 5, 2021 – July 21, 2022
Makati Development Bouygues International Construction Corporation (MDBI Construction Corp.) Metro Manila, Philippines

POSITION:rn           MEPFS INSPECTOR – Site Electrical Engineer

                              *MEPFS (Mechanical, Electrical,rnPlumbing and Firefighting System)

CLIENT:                 Ayala Land Corporation / Location: Makati, Philippines

Project:                 One Ayala Avenue, (Commercial Complex & LandrnDevelopment Projects)

                              (Completedrnvarious commercial establishments: BPO buildings, Hotel & Restaurants,rnOffice Bldgs.)

Scope:                  2xBPOrnBuildings (29 Floor); 1xHotel & Restaurant (23 Floors); 1xOffice Buildingrn(29 Floors)

General Contractor-(MEPFS), Installation ofrnthe complete MEPFS up to Energization of various commercial building establishmentsrnsuch as BPO buildings, Hotel Building, Office Buildings.


·   Review and approval of MethodrnStatement prior to site implementation per Vendor / Sub-Contractor

·   Perform decision making and assistrnupper management in identifying project related concerns and solutions.

·   Maintain, control and monitor MEPFSrnQuality Assurance System as per company quality procedures and standards.

·   Facilitate Kick-off meetings (KOM)rnwith other engineers, Vendor / Sub-contractors.

·   Provide technical input to ProjectrnExecution Plan (PEP) & overall project schedules.

·   Monitoring of Vendor &rnSub-contractor, support to site during Construction, Inspection &rnCommissioning.

·   Attend management meetings, preparernproject reports & ensure systems are followed.

·   Provide Quality Assurance and relevantrninspection prior to hand over to client.


·   Provide necessary project completionrndocuments prior to hand over to client.

January 15, 2019 – June 10, 2021
Flux Weber Electric Corporation (Construction Contractor) Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

POSITION:rn           QA/QC ENGINEER - SiternElectrical Engineer

CLIENT:                 SM Development Corporation (SMDC), Location - Cainta Rizal, Philippines

Project:                 CharmrnResidences (High Rise Buildings, Amenities & Land Developments)

Scope:                   Total 7 buildings, 11rnfloor each building + Land development - Site construction and installationrnof electrical provision from land development to building, provide testing andrncommissioning, installation of fixtures and devices including panel (LV to HV)


·       rnOverall,rnin-charge of Site supervision and Construction activities – Total 7 high risernbuildings.

·       rnParticipate in Site Acceptance Testrn(SAT) Including Commissioning Works.

·       rnPreparation of report & attendrnmeetings with other trades.

·       rnIdentify punch lists & recommendrnsolutions regarding rectification on non-compliance per qc procedures

·       rnReview method statement andrnimplementation at site.

·       rnSupervise Construction activities suchrnas but not limited to the following:

Ø Actrnas focal point and answer technical query regarding construction activities andrndiscipline clashing.

Ø Supervisernroughing-ins, installation of conduits, cable tray, lighting fixtures, powerrndevices, Lighting & Power Distributions Boards, including cable pulling andrnterminations

Ø Installationrnof main and local Electrical power & lighting DB (normal and emergency).

Ø Cablernpulling (main feeder, power, lighting and auxiliary cables for detector, alarmsrnetc.)

Ø Installationrnof Electrical Brackets & Support for Cable Trays & PVC conduit/piping.


Ø Wiringrn& Termination of Electrical Grounding Systems

March 5, 2018 - December 2018
Vision Properties Development Corporation (General Contractor) Santo Domingo, Quezon City, Philippines

POSITION:rn           MEPFS ENGINEER – SiternEngineer

                              *MEPFS (Mechanical, Electrical,rnPlumbing and Firefighting System)

CLIENT:                 Grace Christian College (College / University) / Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Project:                Construction of GracernChristian College (GCC) Sports Complex - Balintawak Campus


·       rnSite supervision of construction activities andrndistribution of manpower/electricians including relay of instructions for siternactivities.

·       rnParticipate in Site Acceptance Testrn(SAT) including commissioning works.

·       rnIdentify punch lists items &rnrecommends solutions regarding rectification on non-compliance per QCrnprocedures.

·       rnPreparation of report & attendrnmeetings with Construction Managers & other trades / discipline.

·       rnPerform site coordination with otherrnengineers to avoid any delays and construction conflicts during execution.

·       rnSupervise roughing-ins, installationrnof conduits, cable tray, lighting fixtures, power devices, Lighting & PowerrnDistributions Boards, Transformers, Switchgear/MCC including cable pulling andrnterminations.

·       rnEvaluate all changes and preparationrnof report for Change Orders items which are out of scope as per contract.

·       rnInspection of Electrical Bulk Materialsrnbeing delivered at site to ensure compliance to approved shop drawings andrncontract specifications.

·       rnConducting Toolbox meeting beforernstart of work and encourage worker to take precautionary measures and observernmaximum safety.

·       rnSite monitoring to make sure that allrnpersonnel are wearing proper protective equipment (PPE).

·       rnCarry out routine monitoring of thernplant site for any hazards to ensure safety measures are in place and requiredrnsafety signage are properly placed on site.


·       rnConducting site safety inductions forrnnew employees, visitors, and subcontractors.

June 27, 2017 – March. 05, 2018
J. Espiritu Engineering Services (JEES – Construction Contractor) Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

POSITION:           QA/QC Engineer, Site Electrical Engineer

CLIENT:                 SM Development Corporation (SMDC) / North Edsa, Quezon City, Philippines

Projects:               GrassrnResidences Tower-4 (42 Floors, High Rise Condominiumrn& Amenities)


·       rnConduct Toolbox meeting before startrnof work and encourage worker to take precautionary measures and observe maximumrnsafety.

·       rnSite monitoring to make sure that allrnpersonnel are wearing proper protective equipment (PPE).

·       rnProvide site supervision (Construction)

·       rnIdentification of punch listrnparticipate in site acceptance test (sat) including commissioning works.

·       rnPreparation of reports.


·       rnSupervision of installation of devicesrnand fixtures 

April 21, 2014 – May 16, 2016
DDK ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR – (Electrical Sub-Contractor) Site Electrical Engineer – Cadet

POSITION:           Site Electrical Engineer – Cadet

Projects:              Shop Stalls/Tenants-Fairview Center Mall; Residences / Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines


·       rnAssist resident engineer forrnpreparation of site progress reports.

·       rnAssist in conducting toolbox meetingrnbefore start of work and encourage worker to observe maximum safety.

·       rnSite monitoring to make sure that allrnpersonnel are wearing proper protective equipment (PPE).

·       rnAssist Electrician in installation ofrnpanel boards and safety switches, power outlets, and fixtures.

·       rnRoughing-ins and box setting, chipping,rnand installation of cable trays, raceways, PVC & rigid steel conduits.

·       rnHelp monitor termination andrnconnection of cables to safety switches for lighting fixtures.

·       rnCable pulling for panel boards andrnbranch cables for convenience outlet and lighting fixtures


·       rnInstallation of air conditioningrnsystem and wiring terminations.

Summary of Skills

Microsoft office Applications, AutoCAD


Effective Communication Workshop (May 18, 2018 )

by Sharpening the saw exponential Training                                                                                               

Mr. Jaylord M. Casalla                                                                                  

FreelancerSpeaker Training Institute

Bataan White Coral Resort, Bataan City, Philippines

Building Wiring Installation and Design, EE Proficiency (January 26, 2016 )

by Engr. Renato Gatbonton                                                                             

Central Colleges of the Philippines

CCP, Quezon City, Philippines

Industry Electrical Engineering Practive - Practicum (Dec. 2015 – June 2016 )

by Engr. Wlfredo Cabalce                                                                                 

CELCON, Inc. Cabalce Electrical Constructors, Inc.

Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

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