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Noel Suson

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  •  Carpentry
  •  Fitting and Installing flooring, walls, doors, windows, ceiling, roofs etc. using woods
  •  Repairing and Renovating wooden structures
  •  Measuring, cutting and joining materials made of woods or woods substitutes
  •  Furniture and Cabinet Making
  •  Metal Works
  •  Making and Installing door, gate, windows, stairs, rood/trasis etc. using metal
  •  Repairing and reshaping parts and assemblies of structures
  •  Wood and Metal Painting works
  •  Plumbing works
  •  Electrical Works
  •  Installation and Repair Works
  •  Fitting and Installing flooring, doors, windows, ceiling, roof, air condition etc.
  •  Roofing and Framing
  •  Install structural and reinforcing iron and steel
  •  Reading and interpreting blueprints, drawings and sketches
  •  Fabrication and Support Installation
  •  Hydro Testing, Bonding and Heating
  •  Boiler maker and tanks.
  •  Filling, aligning, and connecting of GRE and GRP spools
  •  Erection and assembly of GRE GRP
  •  Piping and instrumentation detector
  •  Oversee quality of the site
  •  Weld, cutting, assembling and installing pipes.
  •  Repairing malfunctions, breakages, or leaks
  •  Able to interpret blueprints, drawings and technical plans
  •  Assembly and Formation of Conduit
  •  Welding and fabrication of Construction Plates and Pipes


  •  Welding
  •  Finishing Carpentry
  •  Metal Fabricator
  •  Can construct, install, renovate and repair structures
  •  Able to interpret blueprint, drawings and technical plans
  •  Able to interpret construction plans for pipe systems, supports and related equipment
  •  Well versed in SMAW and 6G Welding
  •  Able to cut, shape, bend metal sections and pipes using hand and machine tools
  •  Able to use all portable electric tools, Gas weld, Flame cutting torches, Metal machine, Cutting plasma, Radial, Welding machine, Press break machine, Bender machine, Metal Machine, Electrill drill, Magnetic drill, Manual Hydrolic Jack, Overhead Crane Demag Lifter, I-Beam, Square Tube, Channel, Round bar, Flat bar, C bar etc.
  •  Skilled in using handy, machine and power tools
  •  Experienced in underground piping, metal and steel fabricator, boiler maker, tanks.

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