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DMW Registration / Accreditation No.: 10307304
Job Location: Qatar



  • Male Applicants
  • Minimum of 5 years work experience


  • The SERC is responsible for developing the Site Specific Security Plan (SSSP), and providing the command and control of the Company approved Security Provider.
  • The SERC shall lead the Project Security Management Team (PSMT).
  • The SERC shall manage and coordinate the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and systems to maintain, measure, and enhance the overall security function within the assigned site, office or business unit of the Project.
  • The SERC shall conduct security surveys, risk assessment and audits (regular intervals) to ensure the effectiveness of the security programs.
  • The SERC shall identify and report any discrepancies and recommend corrective action through appropriate reporting relationship and oversee any remedial action.
  • The SERC shall develop physical security, emergency procedures, and personal protection plans, programs and criteria so as to respond to security conditions and incidents, and minimize risk of personal, physical or financial harm to projects area o risk of personal, physical or financial harm to projects area of responsibility.
  • The SERC shall communicate the procedures to the Company / Contractors / Sub-Contractors of the steps and intensions. (The above shall also be aligned with the Company’s
  • The SERC shall develop and maintains close professional relationships with peers in appropriate law enforcement, security, foreign operations agencies, corporate security and third-party information providers, to develop timely, relevant threat information and to provide advice on travel safety, work-site security enhancement feasibility, as well as security incident management
  • The SERC shall supervise the administration, operations, policy formulation and activities of a project / jobsite / office’s security program to ensure compliance with the host county’s security rules / laws / regulations / directives and
    or other governmental agency security regulations, including obtaining security clearances as required.
  • The SERC shall submit proposals on security improvement and ensure that all necessary services to assure the security and protection of building occupants, project property, equipment, and project personnel from injury.
  • The SERC shall (Within his scope), ensure against loss or damage from any preventable cause including, but not limited to fire, theft, intrusion, sabotage or any other kind of criminal activity.
  • The SERC shall conduct investigations (Within his scope), of criminal acts and potential threats against the Projects interests
  • The SERC shall coordinate investigative activities with appropriate management, formulates written reports, and presents oral briefings, on security related matters (When requested).
  • The SERC shall represent Security Team at meetings and consultations with Company / Contractors / Sub-Contractors representatives, governmental security agencies (As required).
  • The SERC shall responsible to ensure that the Security personnel and other project staffs conduct their duties according to security procedures, physical / emergency, and personal protection plans.
  • The SERC (or designate) shall develop security training, supervise and evaluate the performance of all assigned security personnel.
  • The SERC shall ensure that the Security Provider remains compliant with all host country’s rules & regulations “inclusive of security license of operation, vetting, and agreed Company requirements.
  • The SERC shall in coordination with the HSE Manager, to ensure the Emergency Response (Security) capabilities are maintained in a state of readiness, and all Company related deliverables are met.
  • The SERC shall in the event of emergency / security incident, shall call the appropriate assistance, Emergency Services, host country local security forces / agencies. (When required and aligned with the project line of reporting).
  • The SERC shall conduct security awareness, education, and orientation programs for project / jobsite / office staff, including security induction for new arrivals to the project.
  • SERC is responsible for the discipline and welfare of all security staff.
  • The SERC shall be available to provide coordination and advice on a 24/7 basis


  • Detailed RESUME
  • Certificate of Employment
  • School Credentials
  • Training Certificate
  • Covid Vaccine Certificate
  • E-registration Copy
  • PEOS Copy
  • Passport Copy

Visit our office for an initial interview:
Admiral Overseas Employment Corporation
201, 202, 204 & 206  G, K Chua Bldg., Sanciangco St., Cebu City

Employer Overview:

Consolidated Contractors International Company is a leading diversified company carrying out construction, engineering, procurement, development and investment activities internationally. We are committed to providing reliable, amicable, and professional service to our valuable clients, and to being supportive to local businesses and social activities, being friendly to the environment as well as being proactive in the socio-economic environments within which we operate.

For manpower pooling only
No fees in any form and/or purpose will be collected from the applicants.
Beware of illegal recruiters and Human Trafficker.

Only candidates can apply for this job.
Agency Information
  • Total Jobs 155 Jobs
  • Type Private Employment Agency
  • Status Valid License
  • License Validity July 6, 2024
  • Contact Numbers 032 347 1778
  • Address 201, 202, 204 & 206, G.K. Chua Bldg, Sinciangko St., Cebu City, Cebu

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