How do I know if someone is an illegal recruiter?

Not all job opportunities should be considered by an OFW, especially if it from an unauthorized person/office.

Many Filipinos aspire to work overseas in search for better opportunities to be able to support their families here in the Philippines. Because of this, many of them are enticed when offers of job opportunities abroad come knocking on their doors.

But not all job opportunities should be considered and entertained by a prospect employee (OFW). Why? Because some of these job opportunities may have been offered by people and offices who are not authorized to do such, hence, the illegal recruiters. Illegal recruiters are one of the prime suspects victimizing overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Here are some tips you must bear in mind to be able to recognize an illegal recruiter:

  1. He/She asks the prospect employee to immediately pay for a placement fee without issuing an Official Receipt (OR)
  2. He/She promises a prospect employee of his/her immediate departure of the country to work for an employer abroad.
  3. He/She asks and requires a prospect employee to undergo a medical examination despite the absence of an official employment contract or foreign employer.
  4. He/She does door-to-door recruitment of applicants instead of doing such in a POEA-licensed recruitment office.
  5. He/She conceals important matters about the job.
  6. He/She entices a prospect employee about direct-hiring and getting the job without proper documentation at the POEA.
  7. He/She offers the prospect employee of immediate departure from the Philippines only using a Tourist visa.
  8. He/She cannot present an employment contract and working visa ready for the prospect employee.
  9. He/She is not registered in POEA as as a licensed recruiter.
  10. He/She encourages a prospect applicant to refer and invite friends, relatives or colleagues to apply for a job abroad under him/her or his/her agency.
  11. He/She avoids disclosing information about himself/herself such as his name, address and any information that will further identify him.
  12. He/She promises a prospect employee that he/she will be processing the documents on the employye’s behald but will give the employee/applicant a fake and void copy of documents.
  13. He/She impresses the prospect employee that previous applicants were able to go and work abroad by just using a tourist visa.

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